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Supermarket chain round price, here are some changes


If you want to pay in cash to supermarkets Conad fill himself coins in the pockets 1 and 2 cents, Those that for every night you put in the bowl at the entrance, otherwise apply to the rounding resign: maybe just to be on the other side. Conad will actually bring retirement cents.

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A few days ago in the sale points of the first group of leaflets & # 39 appeared declaring "rounding prices to the nearest multiple of five, Excess or defect. In short, if the bill say that it will pay 5.55 to 5.57 euros, it will get up from 5.58 to 5.60. This will stop the production of dimes effect that the government decided at the beginning of this year: signs with & # 39 appeared a little " all supermarkets between Romagna, Marche, Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia, when you go to the depletion of stocks of small coins.

"It was not a decision lightlyUnfortunately, banks are no longer able to provide this type of currency in the required quantities, «Conad said, stressing that" the sale price has not been affected. " New products will only cover the payment available if the client is not is not available with the exact amount: in this case will pay the bills without rounding, how it will be for those who use cards and debit cards.

Conad first major group to formalize the distribution rounds, but soon others will follow. The same Esselunga also adopt a similar policy for the past more than ten years. In Italy, it is considered that they are around copper coins worth about seven billion, probably largely abandoned in the piggy bank and gloves. Farewell to the currencies of one and two cents will bring savings for the government less than two million euros per year.

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