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[직격인터뷰]"At midnight the mess I felt threatened" … Kim Hyun Chul another neighbor Certificate → What happened that night


[스포츠조선 고재완 기자]Kim Hyun-Chul family Threat accidents If the incident became a hot topic, there are various contradictory views.

Spouses Hyun Cheol Kim began to turn to the victims through interviews & # 39; u with different media, claiming that they were unfair, citing the "sexual harassment" and "dog pussy problem." 19th legal representative of the Central district of Seoul prosecutor's office carried out a search in the A and Mrs.

Kim Hyung-Chol and his wife say they were unjust, but in fact they are also massively cause harm to the second, giving personal information and personal information about her husband her husband, Mr. A. This is an artist who says that he saw the damage, but most likely, they are massively claims made in many articles, which leads to shock opinion.

In order to find out the authenticity of the case, I interviewed & # 39; nd in the neighboring women's B, C and D, which have seen the nearest thing to me.

Mr. B – a resident who lives in the vicinity of the pair.

On the night of June 14, I went to Mr. B house before going to his house.

▶ Hyun Chul Kim came to my house around 10:44 that night and made a mess for 10 minutes. Kim Hyun-heard first came to my house and cried aloud: "Give me 300,000 won deposit for a management fee." At the time I was alone with her husband and without children, and I was very afraid of late. For the first time in my life I saw a man who sounded loudly in front of me so it was a big threat. I was scared and afraid, because I could not talk, and my wife followed me. I thought to myself: "I'm glad to dry."

By the way, I was standing next to Kim Hyunheolam and yelled at me loudly. He said: "I immediately give him." It was an agreement, and I thought I understood, when he sent the money as quickly as possible.

– And then the victim's house?

▶ When I entered the house, it's time to scream in the street: 'Let us go to the house of A ". When I realized that the house But there are only two children, and A, I went to the victim's home with a representative of the oldest inhabitant of the city. But the situation seemed to be over.

– Why do you think I did it?

▶ I still was there with my wife Kim Hyunheolam. When I first met, I was 17 years old and my beautiful sister welcomed me well. I do not know why I did it again. Despite the fact that I lost 100 times, I did not think something was wrong with the house. After that, he pretended that he did not know.

Kim Hyun-heard and the couple said: "Let's deal with the bowel movements of puppies." A portion in which said, "I'll go tomorrow," there was a dispute among the network of networks.

– Did you know the problem of bowel movements in puppies?

▶ Until now, the city had no problems with the dogs-puppies. I heard that Mr. A went to pick it up during the day to ask me to take off with Kathak. I went to dress up and greet Kim Hyun-Mont and said that he came back because he said, "I see" and "I think I can just go." By the way, the night came to me and said roller, to tell him to remove it.

– Perhaps Mr. B also raises the dog.

▶ I have not grown dogs. Our city is not divided into the wall, but is divided into the trees. Therefore, my dogs often come to other domestic dogs, but big problems was not, even if there is a problem with defecation. We understand each other and make up them.

– Kim Hyun-Mont asserts that the beginning of the case with the & # 39 is a matter of poodle dogs.

"It does not. It seems discontent with the administrative costs of the advance payment.

– Kim Hyun-Cheol's wife claims that she pursued.

▶ I was in that place where I insist. At that time it was a fun atmosphere. Birthday daughter Kim Hyun – heard day and children – gathered together all city dwellers. When I saw him, it was not the atmosphere for sexual harassment. This is not a one-on-one, and who can have sexual harassment of more than ten people? Moreover, Mr. A with her husband. If there really had been sexual harassment, people would have been alone. Usually quiet. It was a completely open air and the atmosphere was very good. It was a good atmosphere, to joke and have fun. It was a situation where we exchanged only goodwill.

In fact, Mr. B was more familiar with his wife, Kim Hyun-Cheol than Mr. A in the incident. However, neighbors opinions may be biased, so we had to listen to the views of many people and learn about other neighbors.

But the same argument was made by another resident, C,.

– At the meeting of the townhouse is the assertion that the wife of Kim Hyun-Chela was persecuted.

▶ There were two meetings. At one time it was a dining party at the house of Mr. A. I was sitting by her husband, Mr. A., but sexual harassment is never mentioned. Most likely, the husband of Mr. A took six children, including a daughter, Kim Hyun-Ji, and went out to buy ice cream. One more time – it is the day my daughter was born Kim Hyun-Chelya and children's day at home, Kim Hyun-Cheol. I remember that at that time there was no other word.

Kim Hyun-heard said: "I did not like the usual rumors," "I have a bad behavior, and I have a strange person."

– The husband usually does not like the rumors that his wife, Kim Hyun-Mont cook.

▶ There is no sense that the rumors are not bad. This is a bad man attack. Wife Kim Hyunheol cooked food only because that day was the birthday of his daughter Kim Hyun-Mont. The landlord can not just sit there.

– He also claims that went away mad, because it seems to be suffering from mental illness.

▶ In fact, his wife Kim Hyun-heard was concerned that out of the room. Can reveal the entire contents of the chat.

– What's the problem bowel movements? Puppy jumped out the door and went out.

▶ Puppy – 2 kilograms Chihuahua Chihuahua. It's really small. Even if you scratch the door, it's not scary.

– However, Kim Hyun-Cheol said that there is an allergy to the dog in his daughter.

Kim Indeed, Kim Hyun-Mont know that his daughter is afraid of big dogs. I was a little scared when I saw a big dog to another meeting. But others know that you are allergic to the dog? And until then I had no problems.

– Kim Hyun-heard insists that the next day ordered the head to remove a bowel movement.

"It's not that. I thought that the problem will be more, so the manager will have to go in and remove it himself.

Another resident DA revealed that Kim Hyun-Mont seemed to be very sensitive because of the issue of management costs.

– In the management of a lot of problems.

Residents Residents townhouse agreed on a joint settlement, but the house (Kim Hyun-Mont) said: "We will manage our home. It is common sense to separate the management of the house from the apartment. Even if you do not agree, it seems common sense to agree on a consensus, if you have the majority. Of all 10 generations consent was 8 generations, and the opposition – 1 generation.

– Or are charged forcibly collected 300,000 won in management fees?

Advance This is a preliminary payment of commission management, and not forced collection. Advance payments are legally provided in apartment buildings. And the amount of the deposit, which is a & # 39 is the amount that you get back when you exit.

– Why do you think this happened?

Expenses Expenses for the management – in the spotlight. The problem of bowel movements in a puppy seems to be the level of confrontation because of the bad feelings.

In an interview with & # 39; nd residents said: "I expressed a lot of distorted claims In addition to Mr. A testimony of three residents who also agreed to lie Truth is always one….

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