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[해외스포츠] 12 is a nominal co … Second place outside the LPGA team match


[해외스포츠] 12 is a nominal co … Second place outside the LPGA team match


Go Jin-young and Lee Min-ji won second place in the first team play in the LPGA tournament.

Lee Lieutenant Valencia is in the pre-season friendly game and was on the field at the 45th minute.

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Guo Jin-young and Lee Min-ji, entered the final round of the 11th round of the joint seventh place behind the leader, made ptushachnae show as promised.

I took eight friends, no matter who I am.

Ko Jin-young-Lee Min-ji, who sponsored the party in the 12-year level in a game that reflects the best estimation of the player every time he plays with his sword, took second place in the Invitational Dow Great Lakes Bay with a final result of 21 points .

The champion of the tournament, which took place in a team match, ranked 106 in the world Suvanpara and 268 in the world Klaman.

He finished in the 11th game and finished with a 6-under for the party Co. Jin-Young and Lee Min-ji and completed a total of 27 under par.

Lee Ji Zhen in the form of his Valencia team is on the ground.

Lee Kang-ying, who played in a friendly match against AS Monaco, managed to revive his team with a stable ball and soft copy.

After 22 minutes, the center was flooded and threatened the opponent's goal violent blow.

But Valencia was replaced by the Ganges early in the second half and lost Lila Foster in Monaco on 37 minutes with 0: 0.

Texas Rangers 0-4 in the fourth inning.

Chu Shin-Su, which is headed to the table top of the table, transmits the 39 X & # change; yustanskamu Jose Urukidi starters.

The ball continued through the middle fence and became the 16th member of the home season.

It was his 205th home run.

But Chu batting average dropped slightly to 2.8 points, and Texas filed six games, losing one to six losses in the X & # 39; Euston.

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