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Comedian Kim Hyun-heard testified neighboring townhouses.


[뉴스프리존= 김은경기자] Townhouses to the residents of the city & # 39; & # 39; Approval of Kim Hyun-Chul is not a fact & # 39; & # 39;

There was evidence of a townhouse resident that there was another person who was complaining about the scandalous and cruel work comedian Kim Hyung-heard before the neighbor's house.

Before Mr. A, who passed on the matter, Mr. Hyun-Kim Chelu, he responded with a complaint, and on the same day Mr. Hyun-Cheol Kim asked him who wants to pay for the management of townhouses. This is the whole history of the charges.

Two residents of B (Secretary General) townhouse, where we interviewed & # 39; w
According to testimony, the people gathered together to eat twice.

The 5.5-day Hong-Chul Kim was going to the birthday of the children A and A, and the second – dining space in mid-May.

And, Mr. B, and C were both confronting sides of the two parties involved in the charges, and they were all together. food atmosphere was fun (in a sushi bar)
Distance between husband and Choi is four, and each of the two tables – the latter.

B.C said: "I had no sexual harassment," and said, "I did not have any special call, except greeting of courtesy."

As previously reported in the press, A husband said he never made a statement, which reads: "In the comedy Kim Hyun-Cheol will be the case."

And if in a conversation with her husband journalist asked about this remark, she said: "Is not this the place where you do not have to say, except the greeting?

Residents of B and C, said the same thing. "I'm not on my side.

I'm with someone not particularly come. Nevertheless, I think it's getting worse, and I think I should talk about the facts, because I think this is very bad, when I see that this work was done in a variety of media, which I worked over I do not want to keep it, but I hate it, but I can not pretend that I do not know what it skazhana "- he said the interview & # 39; S.

Mr. B told Mr. A: ". This is a man who is very polite and sharp, and something to say it can be a disadvantage … but it is a priority for childcare and care of domestic work, as is usually done housewives. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm going to take care of it", but I must say that I was not able to bring a dog because the puppy up with another article. " Respectively.

Companion dog dog in the yard Photo Kim Hyun-Chul … As mentioned in other articles,

Choi added that the residents of the city know that children are allergic to dogs.

At the same time: "And in other media it was inconvenient to say that Mr. A is inadequate in its behavior", – he said, – who can point to someone? "

In Mr. C. similar view.
I do not want to go on the idea that no one will be more friendly, but there are other distorted articles that go on and on. I have not attacked it, "- he said.

I want to live in peace, but I do not seem to know that I do not know why I had to testify that I had no comment on the sexual harassment during the meal.

And Mr. C is really nothing in the beginning.
Dog shit, management fees? I do not think it would be so big.

Most likely, Mr. Hyun Chul Kim came to the house and asked him to pay a management fee.

He (Secretary) older than us, and Choi over us … It offends the young couple, "- he said.

Correspondent Kim Yong Kyun

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