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Companion animals, helping to alleviate stress


Studies have shown that companion animals can relieve stress.

According Medicalewstoday, Professor Patricia Pende from Washington State University published an article about the effectiveness of the program "Pet Your Stress Away" in the magazine "AERA Open" American Institute for Studies in Education (AERA).

& # 39; Pet Your Stress Away & # 39; – a mental health program, which is run by several universities in the US. It was designed to help students change their minds and soften tensions over school life and relationships with family & # 39; and her friends, financial difficulties and challenging future.

Pandry research team divided 249 students into four groups to learn about the program's effectiveness Pet Your Stress Away.

The first group was divided into small groups and spent 10 minutes with dogs and cats. The second group was standing in the queue and allow others to see how they stood with their dogs and cats to turn them, and in the third group saw the same animal. A fourth group did not see pictures of dogs and cats, as well as the names on the list of expectations.

The researchers measured the amount of cortisol, a stress hormone, which did not show significant changes in the level of cortisol in the other groups, but in the first group, who spent time with a cat or a dog, a significant decrease in cortisol levels was detected.

"Time spent with companion animals in just 10 minutes, a significant effect on stress relief," – said Fan. – Interact with companion animals can reduce stress hormones, which can be useful for the physical and mental health. "

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