Tuesday , June 22 2021

Diablo Immortal, “Adding Paradise-PvP,” Decides to Close Alpha Test

Diablo Immortal, which finished the technical alpha version in December, is conducting a closed alpha test.

Blizzard is testing new content for Android users in Australia, such as the new “Castle Warrior” work, PvP-based factions, battlefields and hellish relics.

Unique is the PvP based fractions. Unlike the battlefield, where PvP enjoys a certain space, the camp is divided into a “shadow group” and an “immortal group” of the user’s choice, and accordingly, the PvP method and the content that can be enjoyed are separated.

From publicly available information, factions are determined not by user choice but by rating and competition, and when some Shadow Corps users challenge and win the Immortals, it seems to be a structure that retains the Immortals ’preferences over a period of time.

The Shadow Corps scores points through themed quests, raises ranks and ranks and creates tasks by creating a dark faction (previous name) ‘to challenge the Immortals. You can sneak into the Vault of the Immortals and take the loot, or you can challenge the Immortals and PvP at a certain time. If you have climbed to the top shadow group, you can challenge the immortal group, and if you win, you have the rights and benefits of an immortal group for a period of time.

Immortals are given the right to challenge only one leader with the highest abilities, as well as receive items and amplify effects from a raid of 48 players. However, if the raid fails, the effect is given at the shadow stage.

Shadows and Immortals are unbalanced factions that can enjoy separate content, and they are expected to fight for benefits for a period close to the concept of the season.

The PvP battlefield is expected to be a mixture of PvP and PvE in the form of 16 users divided by 8 players in an attack and defense camp to destroy or defend the “Idol of Faith”. The Hell Relic Box is the ultimate content concept, similar to the Diablo 3 Challenge Rift, and is a structure that challenges more powerful monsters as users grow.

In addition, for the first time will be introduced “Essence Transfer”, which highlights the essence of the legendary items and provides new parameters such as attributes, names, icons and appearance.

About 2,000 users will take part in the closed alpha test, and Blizzard is planning a longer test period than the technical alpha, which lasted about two weeks.

Reporter Choi Ho-kyung [email protected]

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