Former presidential candidate, YTN’s 2nd primary debate … Choi Zhe Hyun announces candidacy / YTN – YTN news

  1. Former presidential candidate, 2nd primary YTN debate … Jehon Choi announces candidacy / YTNYTN News
  2. Tea Zhe Hyun, who is running for president, “I could not just watch the collapse of Korea” – Chosun IlbaChosun Ilba
  3. Choi Zhe Hyun announced his candidacy 4 … “Future”, not “Banmun” as a point of difference from 尹 – Zhong IlbaZhong Ilba
  4. Choi Zhe Hyun announces his candidacy today … Rule of law and national integration to be emphasized / YTNYTN News
  5. [전문] Choi Zhe Hyun running for president “I was worried, but my choice was” Korea “” – Chosun IlbaChosun Ilba
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