Tuesday , June 22 2021

Harvard scientists argue that the alien celestial body "Omuamaa" that entered the solar system could become a space ship.

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A study of large, elongated rocky objects, "Omuamaa" flying in the solar system with "strange acceleration" could become an alien spacecraft.

In an article published on November 12 by two Harvard scientists in the Astrophysical Journal Letters, Omuumua argued that "extraterrestrial civilization might be a well-functioning probe that has been deliberately sent near the earth."

Last year, Omu Anua was discovered for the first time near the Sun at the Maui Observatory. That is why the native language of Hawaii, Omuamua, means "scouting". Scientists are embarrassed by this discovery.

It was immediately debated that the strange shape and speed of the poem sent them from extraterrestrial civilizations. There is no radio wave detection. There are comets, but comets usually have tails, but Omuamua has no tail.

Harvard astronomy director Abi Loeb and doctoral researcher Schuell Biale have once again increased the possibility of alien spacecraft or spacecraft.

"The disagreement" of the Omuomia movement is that "Omuomuya is not a random trajectory but an investigation that leads to the goal," they argued. Roeb explained in an e-mail to Universe Today that it could be an investigation sent intentionally for "the purpose of exploration in the solar system".

It is also possible that naturally occurring phenomena might fly the universe. Or it could be an alien spaceship that uses light screen technology & # 39; which moves star photons into fuel, he said.

"There are some data about the trajectory of this object that cannot be explained otherwise. So I wrote a paper to suggest this explanation. The approach I took on this subject was purely scientific and grounded," Loeb told the Boston Globe.

In an e-mail to the Boston Globe, Andrew Simion from the SETI Research Center at Berkeley said the article was "very interesting."

"Carefully concluding anomalies of observation such as those found in Omuumua is how we make new discoveries in astrophysics. That's what makes a truly amazing discovery, like finding intelligent beings from Earth."

But SETI chief astronomer Seth Shostak said in an e-mail to NBC, "You should not blindly accept this clever hypothesis when there is a mysterious possibility of a comet or asteroid from a distance."

Omu Amua is the first extraterrestrial object found in the solar system. It's getting farther now and it seems that it can't meet again.

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