Imelda, the luxury queen of the Philippines, prison in 27 years


Sentenced for corruption in 27 years … Up to 77 years in prison
Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos, wife of former President Imelda Marcos, was found guilty on September 9 on suspicion of stealing the state treasury, and is on the verge of life-threatening crime.

According to AFP, the anti-corruption court in San Daghan Materials in the Philippines sentenced Imelda to seven charges, including embezzling around 20 billion dollars (about 225 billion won) through the Swiss Foundation. Because the court sentenced him to six to 11 years in prison on a single charge, Imelda could spend 77 years in prison in his old age.

Imelda was not present in court, but was arrested on the basis of punishment. He may, however, apply to gems in accordance with the Philippine justice system.

This case has been delayed in an anti-corruption court for the past 27 years.

Marcos was elected president in 1965 and has been in power for 21 years. In 1972, he declared martial law and banned party activities in the Philippines, He voluntarily resigned in February 1986 after anti-government protests, including various corruption including imprisonment of journalists and journalists. Three years later he died in Hawaii, asylum.

Imelda earned her nickname as "luxury queen" as a luxury lifestyle, collecting 3000 pairs of European royal shoes and jewelry when she became the first woman. Until now, only 20 billion won worth of jewelry has been returned to the government. In 2016, he was elected to the House of Representatives in the Philippines.

The Philippine authorities believe that the Marcos family lost $ 10 billion (around 11.28 trillion won) from the national treasury. So far, almost half of the property has been returned to the Ministry of Finance through settlement and litigation.
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