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“ IPhone Heart, Apple's, created on the chip designer, why leave?


It is the application processor (AP) chips called the heart of the smartphone from Apple on chip Senior designer Gerald Williams 3 years old, she left the company last month, the United States of IT-Media SINET (CNET) reported 30 (local time).

Williams took the body of nine years for Apple. From A7 processor chip in the iPhone 5S through A12X last IPad Pro with & # 39 is the latest model of its work.

It is applied to the first 64 bits (bit) processor for smartphones.

People like a star other Apple executives, well-known designers in the Silicon Valley, as a platform, but estimates of the IT industry with a & # 39 is that a significant role in the evolution of the iPhone.

In recent years, reportedly responsible for system-on-chip (SOC) Apple Model.

This is one of the central processor unit (CPU), graphics processing unit (GPU), memory (storage device), for example, to determine how to place the device in cross-section.

It is not known why dwotneun Williams quit the application. He does not come out of the other yijeokseol IT companies.

Nevertheless, it seems that in the light of the points have not updated their personal LinkedIn pages that are still involved in some work for Apple.

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