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K2 released the publication "2019 Space Down" the 50th anniversary of the issuance of landing a month


For the 50th anniversary of the landing Apollo 11 moon outdoors mark starts K2 & # 39; 2019 Space Down & # 39; and offers a 30% discount.

& # 39; 2019 Space Down & # 39; maximizes heat, using cutting-edge technology used for the space shuttle, and a modern reinterpretation of space suits in the 1960s and 1970s using futuristic metal logos and materials.

& # 39; 2019 Space Down & # 39; light and warm, with excellent resistance using Gusin as filler. (NASA) has developed a fabric which was developed using TRIZAR – functional material, developed by NASA for maintaining the temperature of the spacecraft. Theresa-insulation material has the characteristic to maintain the optimum temperature, absorbing or reflecting heat and light, and is perfect for maintaining the isolation of the temperature change in unexpected conditions.

In particular, he added cosmic emotions with realistic reflection of Neil Armstrong, who first landed on the lining of the lower liner, and used metal NASA logo to print a story about the moon landing, or use the phrase as a memorial design. They also used goose filler, which has been certified as "RDS", which is not picked up her hair in live animals. Unisex – it is space and long style.

From 19 to August SpaceDown receive a 30% discount on reservations in the national K2 shop on the official website and in nevkrainskim temple.

On the other hand, K2 will share SNS event with this release. Share issue on your personal SNS and comment on the appropriate address (URL). As part of a lottery of 113 people will receive a lot of space, including a lot of prizes. Period of participation – from 18 to 31 next month.

Li Yop, head clothing planning team, said: "I had planned space spacecraft in 2019, which was re-interpretation of the space suits of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing." "He said.

Reporter Jay Sang-hee nowater@sportschosun.com

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