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The point of a child's face, when should I reduce it? | News / Column | Health story

When the child grows, one or two facial points that do not yet exist when the child begins to appear. The point is that there are no big problems in everyday life. But parents
If you have too many points on your child's face, you may worry that your friends will be tempted or that the point will grow or become big.

What is the best time to put a point on a child's face? Kim Sun-ji, a dermatologist (Large Plastic Surgery Clinic), said, "In general,
"Sebaceous glands play an important role in the recovery of wounds. Before puberty, the sebaceous glands do not develop,
"It's more likely to turn into a scar in the wound healing process because of its ability to regenerate," he advised.


However, what is called & # 39; congenital melanocyte nevus & # 39; is a malignant melanoma the development needs to be careful. Around 1%
This disease is usually found in brown spots at birth, but over time, the color of the dots becomes thicker and thicker,
Sometimes it grows. If treatment is delayed, a large enough skin care area may be needed or can cause malignant lesions.
This is important to build.

Kim pointed out, "Generally, dots have various colors such as brown, black, and grayish blue,
It is important to treat it according to the shape and depth of the cell, "he said." If the child is emphasized because of his point,
I advise you to consider it later. "

Management is also important after removing points. I put wet tape on the spot without point and avoided the sauna, steam room, swimming pool for about a week.
That is good. After leaving the band wet, use a sunscreen to prevent pigmentation at the site of the wound.

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