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Deposed mayor of Jekabpils Raivis Ragainis. Chairman of the Board held on fraud – Society and Politics – News


Fraud office immediately after the overthrow of cattle, seven members were elected by votes, but Ragainis, which was also sent to the post, was supported by a five-to-peer. Fraud before the election said that he & # 39 is a team player.

Immediately after the announcement of election results Kļaviņa he said he did not see the opportunity to work in the new coalition, which is going to change the philosophy and development of the city course. After the ball is going to the city council to make an official statement.

Ragainis dismissed seven members vote "for". Meeting of the Council expressed their distrust of the mayor of MPs criticized the failure to communicate, the sentence will be ignored.

In turn, the former mayor Leonid Salcevičs (Jekabpils regional party) said that after eight deputies have filed a request to convene an extraordinary session of the horny release, the mayor is not called deputies at the same table, but tried to keep its position by offering other positions in the municipal capital.

Most Ragainis accuses council meeting calls a lie, pointing to the fact that the band members are not acting deputies, and citizens. He also thanked the council and employees of companies with share capital 22 months of progress in the implementation of various projects.

The Meeting also expressed its gratitude to the horned words and Salcevica accusation led council as part of the deputies and parties, meeting the population. In addition, in some cases, call for a roll call vote of conscience.

Turn Kļaviņa members are invited to vote so as not to kill your reputation.

As a result, the mayor from office was overthrown a few & # 39; th votes "for" and five "against".

The meeting was requested to convene in Jekabpils eight deputies, accusing the president of the city Council and omissions in connection with a planned local government reform and the inability to communicate.

Turn Jekabpils host society by supporting Horned, finds it unacceptable that the Board of management may be delegated to a person's reputation certainly selects to build cooperation and trust Jekabpils and among entrepreneurs, as well as at the national level, which represents the interests of the city.

After the local elections in 2017 the vote for the presidency was introduced and Ragainis Salcevičs Salcevičs but his candidacy entirely withstand such that the voting was carried out on a single candidate. Horned position was supported by 11 deputies, and two – Nikolai Anuškevičs (Latgale Party) and Maris diamond (of regional party Jekabpils) – against.

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