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Half of the 100 largest Latvian forest owners, foreigners – Latvian


On the basis of data provided by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Latvian forests occupy 3.38 million hectares, covering 52% of the territory of Latvia, making it the fourth most forested country in Europe. Top 100 largest forest owner possesses 11.69% Latvian forests.

Lursoft gathered information on the top 100 of the largest forest owners – legal entities in Latvia, exploring their owners and their financial results.

The third part of the TOP 100 of the largest forest owners, registered in Riga, while in other regions of the distribution is very similar. The exception is Zemgale, where the registered office is registered only 6 out of 100 listed companies. In contrast, where top sector analysis of the 100 largest forest owners have as its core business, the majority of cases shows that their activities related to forest management (53 companies), or entry in the system (20 companies), and some ( 5 operators) to provide information, they have to deal with your real estate purchase and sales, and 4 more companies – that they are dealing with wood, construction materials and sanitary equipment. Among the listed companies can be found in the company, which is engaged in guest accommodation guest houses, as well as peat mining company and the company said that its main activity is the production of wooden packaging.

With accommodation in guest houses connected Madonna district registered LLC «ČIEKURI-bumps" whose owner with & # 39 is a Guernsey registered SF HOLDING LIMITED, but as the actual recipient of the owner of the Latvian balsam, Russian billionaire Yuri Šeflers. Late last year, media reported that with the J. Šeflers linked company buys properties Gaiziņa neighborhood hill Viešūra and Cakix or Viešūra lake. Previously, property manager confirmed publicly that the billionaire owns around the lake for more than two hundred acres of land, but in the area – about two thousand hectares. OOO «ČIEKURI-bumps" in the possession of 1.55 thousand hectares of forest. A report for 2017 stated that until last year the company was economically sluggish – recreation complex "Viešūra hill" the owner continued to work in 2017. The loss in the amount of 1.61 million euros, but he created a turnover of 1.27 million euros,

The largest belong to tens of thousands of hectares of forest

Lursoft studied the major forest owners belong to a few tens of thousands of forest. The leader among them with the & # 39 is «Myrtillus» Ltd. indirectly owned by Swedish Södra Skogsagarna economic Forening and Latvian, which has 56.9 thousand hectares of forest. It is worth noting that this is not the only problem with Södra related companies included in the top 100 list of the largest forest owners. TOP 6 in the SIA profile "Sodra Latvia", owned by LLC "strawberries" (14.76 hectares), but 19th place – LLC "ZILUPES LES" (3830 ha). The list also with the & # 39 is in two companies that are directly owned by Södra Skogsagarna Ekonomisk Forening – SIA «Södra forest" (12480 hectares) and LLC «RUDA" (5180 ha). All six companies in 2017 together gave only 9 jobs, and the total turnover amounted to 11.85 million euros, and net profit – 1.82 million euros. The European Business Register is available Södra Skogsagarna Ekonomisk Forening annual report shows that Södra acquired the Latvian forest in the future to secure their raw material plants, indicating that Latvia is still the main source of supply of raw materials Södra. Last year, Södra Skogsagarna Ekonomisk Forening achieved the best performance in its history – in 2018 sold 2.3 billion euros (24.23 billion kronor.) And received pre-tax 422.97 million euros (4.431 billion SEK.) Large profits .

In terms of financial performance, the top 100 largest forest owners through the channels 2017. 800.59 million euros and earned 111.81 million euros. Compared with the year 2016 turnover increased by 10.55% and net profit – by 41.71%.

TOP 10 of the largest forest owners – legal entities:

1 SIA «Myrtillus»: 56,94 thousand ha of forest ownership;

2 SIA «Rigas forest": 45.96 hectares of forest ownership;

3 SIA «IRI Latvia forest assets": 40 160 hectares of forest ownership;

4 LLC "IRI Asset Management": 16,10 hectares of forest ownership;

5 LLC «IRI Investments Latvia»: 14,77 thousand ha of forest ownership;

6 of "Strawberries": 14.76 thousand hectares of forest ownership;

7 SIA «Sodra forest": 12.48 thousand hectares of forest ownership;

8 JSC "Latvian State Forests": 10.01 hectares of forestry

9 SIA «East Forest": 9.58 hectares of forest ownership;

10 OOO «Sundin FOREST": 9.29 thousand hectares of forest property.

Among the major forest owners – a large part of the Swedish

Among the 100 largest forest owners half foreigners in accordance with Lursoft. The survey data show that most of these forests are direct or indirect owners of a & # 39 are foreign companies or individuals, most often – from Sweden.

Calculation of the share of the top 100 largest forest owners, which are in the forest property owned by foreigners, the figures show that they are 67%, or 264.6 thous. Ha of forest. Of these, Swedish investors owned 159.22 thousand hectares.

In addition to the Södra group of companies, including the largest owners of Latvian forests is often figure as the name Isnaudas Forest Holding AB. Of the five companies belonging to the Swedish company, four are in the 100 largest non-forest owners. Lursoft he calculated that Isnaudas Forest Holding AB owned by SIA "Eastern Forest", LLC "Bora Istalsnas", LLC "Ņukša LES" and OOO "SILMALAS LES", which is owned by the forest 15,39 thousand. Ha. The largest of these was founded in 2009. The company "Eastern Forest" with owned 9.58 thousand. Ha of forest, the company has 9.lielākais Latvian forest owner. This report shows that revenue from 2017 established forestry 770.70 EUR thousand, but still 86,23 thous.EUR mined from the earth and hunting lease in the agriculture field. All four Isnaudas Forest Holding AB, owned by the companies included in the top 100 list of the largest mežuīpašnieku worked 2017 loss (total losses of 140 950 euros).

Local – better results

Lursoft calculations for most forest owners financial indicators show that the top 100 companies in 2017 were more than 1.49 billion euros and earned 157.80 million euros. It is interesting that, despite the fact that half of the analyzed 100 companies owned by foreigners and their ownership of more forest cover than the local enterprises, the company's financial performance below.

For example, while the forest owners with the participation of foreign capital is channeled through 2017. 129 050 000 euros, the Latvian capital of the company total turnover is ten times higher – 1.13 billion euros. In general, the top 100 of the largest forest owners worked 34 2017 with a turnover of more than 1 million euros, while four companies, it has not reached the threshold of 10 thousand euros. Namely, the lowest turnover in 2017 from the list of insiders companies was registered in Riga Ltd. "Virgin Forest" in possession of 879 hectares of forest, which puts it at 74 instead. 2017. Turnover, almost 2000 euros, but it had a profit of 152.57 thousand euros, represented by other operating income.

It should be noted that the Danish ESA I HOLDING ApS owns Ltd. "Virgin Forest" after the Enterprise Register of the call to open their true beneficiaries of the company, a part of which is 100% foreign capital, it is still not done.

only one with foreign capital, the rest of the ranking of the largest forest owners in terms of turnover in 2017 between 10 līderuzņēmumiem – the local capital of the company. The absolute leader among forest owners in terms of turnover with the & # 39 is a joint-stock company "Latvian State Forests" in 2017. 16 was the largest company in the Latvian language. JSC "Latvian State Forests" directs and manages 1.63 million. Hectares of land, of which 1 41 million people. hectares of forest. The court, on the basis of information provided by the Registry, the company owns slightly more than 10 thousand. hectares of forests, while the rest of the area managed belonging to the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Regional Development Ministry, etc.

Interestingly, the list in third place allowed "Latgran" Ltd after the owned forest area is only 94 instead of, but in spite of that, showed significantly better results than the higher positions of existing companies. Estonian AS Graanul INVEST owned company in 2017 turnover of 59.22 million euros, the court compared to the previous year, turnover decreased by 31.71%. Fall due to the decrease in the number of pellets and the market situation. It should be noted that the core of SIA "Latgran" business related to the production of wood pellets.

By the way, Ltd. "Latgran 'with & # 39 is not only the third largest forest owner after the 2017 turnover, but also ranks third among the highest profit companies.

TOP 10 of the largest forest owners in terms of turnover in 2017.:

1 JSC "Latvian State Forests": 275 830 000 euros;

2 SIA "PATA": 163,63 million euro;

3 SIA «Latgran": 59,220,000 euros;

4 OJSC «PATA Saldus": 50,220,000 euros;

5 «OSUKALNS» Ltd: EUR 35.39 million;

6 LLC «IBIZA»: 20,77 million euros;

7 Ltd. "Riga Forest": 18,460,000 euros;

8 LLC «LASKANA-LES": 17,410,000 euros;

9 SIA "Krauzers": 16,81 million euros;

10 OOO "Stiga RM": 16:55 mn euros.

The list is ranked fourth in Ventspils businessman, former "Ventspils nafta" President Igor Skoks exhibition reached SIA profile belongs to "jump" has 1.38 thousand. Ha of forest. Despite the fact that the company "Jump" 2017 turnover amounted to only 75,400 euros, this year concluded with a 3.97 million euro profit due to activities of the holding – Income from dividends. In 2018 the company and is not the result is not so bright, because, despite the increase in turnover, its profit last year fell to 301.63 thousand euros. Lursoft application data shows that SIA «Skokie» with & # 39 is the holder of shares of five companies, out of which the highest turnover was in the working property of "stand" in the turnover of 156.03 thousand euros and earned 1.26 million euros. Ltd. "Stand" with the & # 39 car is dolomite & # 39; er and pebbles producer of "the DSG quarries" and LLC "DINAMIX" sole proprietor.

Recently, the name of Igor Skok in the press sounded louder it and Gunta Rāvja, Andris Putāns effort to deprive the national sports base of the status of the land in their Bikernieku track in Riga.

Profitable forest owners TOP 100 list gets another individual owned – OOO «Pampāļi». Agricultural products in the disposal of 911.53 hectares in 2017, and he concluded with a profit of 1.72 million euros. Lursoft information shows that SIA «Pampāļi» biggest equity holder Peter shaky, he is also involved in farming associations and & # 39; unification of regional beet Latvia.

Top 10 most profitable forest owners:. 2017

1 JSC "Latvian State Forests": 65,210,000 euros;

2 SIA «IRI forest assets Latvia": 8.26 million euros;

3 SIA «Latgran": 7.15 million euros;

4 of "Blink": 3.97 million euros;

5 JSC «PATA Saldus": 2.80 million euros;

6 OOO "Istra FOREST": 2.25 million euros;

7 LLC «SILMALAS FOREST": 2.18 million euros;

8 Ltd. "Riga Forest": 2.16 million euros;

9 SIA "Ņukša FOREST": 1.95 million euros;

10 «Pampāļi» LLC:. 1.72 million Euros

Among the largest forest owners – something & # 39; I Skele

Looking at those who own the 100 largest forest reserve, the Lursoft learned that these companies are among the participants of the first 81 levels of quantification of an individual, including in Latvian and from abroad. For example, part of Ventspils businessman Edgar Dupužs has both SIA «COURSE MRU» (owns 3.67 thousand. Ha of forests) and SIA «Līcīši» (2,14 thousand ha of forests). 2017 review of the information shows that SIA «COURSE CPM 'turnover decreased by 50.8% during the year, falling to 1.08 million euros, with the main reason & # 39 is the fact that the company is no longer involved in the sale of timber and and in 2017 she moved to forestry services. Conflicting results have been 34 major Latvian forest owner «Līcīši» LTD 252.07% turnover increased during the year 2017. The figure reaches 2.78 million euros. The reason for the increase is felling rights for sale, as well as the company's share in the proceeds from the sale of real estate, which earned 1.73 million euros.

With the two companies TOP 100 list of the largest forest owner has entered and Uldis Mierkalns, which owns 80% of shares of "Latvian forests and SIA" of Rath "(100% of shares in the company owned by Uldis Mierkalns). With both companies through Uldis Mierkalns of 4110. of the forest owner. TOP 100 in the list of "Latvian forests" and SIA profile "PATA" is next, taking the 37 and 38 place.

Most forest owners also include Gundars ants, which owned by LLC «VIDZEMES Mežsaimnieks» with 1.03 hectares of forests forest owner 67.lielākais Latvian Aldis Buck, Aigars and Ivars Dāboļiņš Nitišs, equally diversified company «OSUKALNS« that once It was founded as a small logging company, but now it represents sectors such as wood processing, logging, road construction, the production of heat and electricity, etc. 2017. The company's turnover amounted to 35.39 million euros, of which 34.46%, logging data directly, but the second largest contribution was from the construction of roads and motorways – 31.08% of the company's total turnover in 2017 ..

Most forest owners can be found among the 1999 registered LLC «BEVERĪNAS ESTATE», enabling owners ekspolitiķa something & # 39; and Skele. The company owns 663,83ha forest containing it in the top 100 list of the largest 95 mežuīpašnieku place. The financial performance of the company with the & # 39 is relatively modest – 2017 is the amount of one thousand euro 28.78 and for the fourth year, continued to operate at a loss.

Most forest owners – a religious organization

Looking at those who remained outside the top 100 list shows the 1000 largest forest owner – a legal entity has more than twenty parishes throughout the territory of Latvia. The largest forest reserve owned by the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church, which has 412.67 hectares of land, making it the most forest owners list 150.vietā. It is much more than the church Aglona basilica has 231,07ha forest.

More than 100h forest and Rezekne Our Lady's Birth Orthodox Congregation (115.16 ha of forests), while others belong to the Church of forestry area from several to several tens of hectares. These include not only the church in the region, but also in the capital. In addition to these communities Latvian Evangelical Lutheran 1000 Top majority of forest owners also include Riga Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. John, which belongs to the forest 46,3ha area, while the Church of Evangelical Christians-38,5ha «Blue Cross" has a large forest areas.

Top 100 of the largest forest owners – legal entities

Nr.p.k. Land Company "Forest" supporter of area, ha area, where the firm

1 "Myrtillus", LLC

56940.72 Riga

2 "Riga Forest", LLC

45956.40 Riga

3 «IRI forest assets Latvia", Ltd.

40159.21 Riga District

4 "IRI Asset Management", LLC

16097.31 Riga District

5 "IRI Investments Latvia", Ltd.

14773.15 Riga District

6 "strawberries", LLC

14755.98 Riga

7 "Sodra forest", LLC

12479.32 Riga

8 "Latvian State Forests", OJSC

10007.62 Riga

9 "East Wood", SIA

9578.57 Riga

10 Sundin FOREST, Ltd.

9292.65 Vidzeme

11 Zemgale TIMBERLAND, Ltd.

7479.25 Riga

12 "Latvian Plywood Forest", LLC

7162.93 Riga

13 "RUDA", LLC

5178.76 Riga

14 Arbolat, Ltd.

5165.06 Riga

15 "Stiga RM", LLC

4962.25 Riga District


4722.08 Vidzeme

17 "Latvia's forest company" Ltd.

4619.65 Riga


3981.63 Kurzeme


3827.97 Riga


3668.06 Kurzeme

21 "Istra LES", LLC

3171.06 Vidzeme

22 "Baltic Forest IV», Ltd.

3132.27 Riga


3065.38 Riga

24 "SPRUCE Forestry", Ltd.

2848.08 Kurzeme

25 "DAUGAVAS Mežsaimnieks", LLC

2804.28 Riga


2668.73 Latgale

27 "PC LES", LLC

2502.93 Riga

28 Istalsnas FOREST, Ltd.

2378.47 Latgale

29 Nirzas FOREST, Ltd.

2349.85 Latgale


2347.25 Riga

31 «OSUKALNS», Ltd.

2259.97 Zemgale


2191.32 Riga

33 "Consolidated MAZOZOLI", LLC

2172.17 Riga

34 «Līcīši», Ltd.

2143.67 Kurzeme

35 «Apsīte», Ltd.

2127.45 Kurzeme


2115.70 Riga

37 "Latvia FORESTS", JSC

2062.15 Riga District

38 "PATA", LLC

2048.43 Riga District


1941.27 Riga

40 Ņukša FOREST, Ltd.

1913.81 Latgale

41 "Min LATVIA", SIA

1908.66 Riga


1879.98 Riga District

43 «Šķaunes», Ltd.

1820.94 Riga

44 "Mind", LLC

1795.04 Kurzeme

45 "Brigi LES", LLC

1780.05 Latgale

46 "Lateira", LLC

1758.80 Kurzeme

47 "Please, LES", LLC

1747.18 Latgale

48 "PATA Saldus", OJSC

1672.85 Kurzeme

49 SIA «FOREST property"

1654.01 Latgale

50 "Mežsaimnieks Kurzeme", SIA

1635.97 Kurzeme

51 "WALDEMARK», Ltd.

1611.28 Latgale

52 «Latgale green earth", LLC

1591.91 Latgale

53 "RTRC" Ltd.

1559.10 Riga

54 "ČIEKURI-Szyszko", Ltd.

1554.50 Vidzeme


1516.04 Latgale

56 'the AMG Forestry ", LLC

1500.24 Riga District

57 "jump", LLC

1379.97 Kurzeme

58 "G.M.KOKS", LLC

1378.89 Kurzeme

59 "North MRS», SIA

1322.30 Kurzeme

60 "vassal", LLC

1226.05 Latgale

61 "VB Forest Service "Ltd.

1223.05 Kurzeme

62 "Kokvalde", LLC

1213.71 Riga

63 "The Inca", Ltd.

1192.38 Riga

64 "Solum", LLC

1146.92 Riga

65 "Silvestica Green Forest Latvia", Ltd.

1110.79 Latgale


1064.81 Riga

67 "VIDZEMES Mežsaimnieks", LLC

1025.85 Vidzeme

68 "Big Oak", LLC

981.95 Vidzeme

69 "Piltenes FOREST", LLC

962.21 Riga

70 "Asigne Estate", SIA

936.94 Vidzeme


919.29 Kurzeme

72 «Pampāļi», Ltd.

911.53 Kurzeme


899.12 Latgale

74 "Virgin Forest", LLC

879.10 Riga


860.35 Riga District

76 "LL Timber», Ltd.

858.91 Zemgale


848.55 Riga


843.23 Riga District

79 "KIKS Veri", Ogre district Taurupe Parish HP

829.88 Riga District

80 "Selko Estate", SIA

823.40 Zemgale

81 mocha, Ltd.

800.72 Zemgale

82 "Niedrāji MR", LLC

785.39 Kurzeme

83 "IT-KM", SIA

781.63 Vidzeme

84 "Ascheberg", LLC

767.90 Vidzeme

85 "Krauzers", LLC

767.37 Kurzeme


748.19 Riga

87 «AZ LES", LLC

732.16 Riga District


723.13 Vidzeme


705.34 Latgale

90 «R Saltus», Ltd.

683.21 Kurzeme


682.14 Riga

92 "Lidums forest", Ltd.

674.24 Riga District

93 "Camellia", LLC

671.07 Riga

94 "Latgran" Ltd.

667.89 Zemgale

95 «BEVERĪNAS About & # 39; object" Ltd.

663.83 Riga


655.95 Riga

97 «Stružānu peat plant", JSC

644.18 Latgale


643.10 Vidzeme

99 "BBB Invest", SIA

642.71 Zemgale

100 "ESPA", LLC

638.52 Riga District

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