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Summer sunglasses are important for both adults and children


Therefore, it is important to wear sunglasses every day and in places where harmful ultraviolet radiation present in particularly high concentrations: on the beach, in the desert, on the water and in the mountains. Children's eyes are more sensitive to sunlight than adults, so it is important to remember to wear sunglasses during a family vacation.

Sunglasses – when the sun shines. Is not it?

Not really because the breadth of Latvia, even on cloudy days, you need sunglasses because clouds contain about 80% of ultraviolet radiation. In turn sunglasses with proper UV emitting filter blocks 100% of the radiation. Unfortunately, dark lenses for eyeglasses does not imply that the glasses have adequate protection from ultraviolet radiation. If sunglasses, standing on the shelf for some time, not sure if they comply with the safety function when leaving the salon-aptyku can explain it.

In Latvia, sunglasses seem to buy relatively small proportion of children, right?

According to reports, 73% of adults who regularly wear their sunglasses, buying 58% of its children. Unfortunately, there is a common tendency that if a child breaks or scratches his sunglasses, parents do not rush to buy them again. As a result, while wearing sunglasses can be rather temporary. Nevertheless, I urge parents to pay attention to what children wear sunglasses is just as important as adults, as excessive ultraviolet radiation damage to the eyes and skin.

The influence of sunlight and harmful UV rays have the same effect on the children, as in adults?

Children's eyes is even more sensitive to sunlight than adults, because the child's eye lens is clearer, therefore, harmful ultraviolet radiation passes easier. It is important to know that children with blue eyes have a higher risk of damaging UV effects than children with brown eyes. Therefore, parents is important to understand that the owners of blue eyes need extra protection, especially on sunny days relaxing in the open waters.

Scientific studies have shown that the longer the lifetime of the eyes are exposed to harmful UV rays, the greater the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration age.

Is it important for children to wear sunglasses not only on the beach, but also, for example, play in the yard?

Yes, of course, because children spend more time outdoors than adults, and ultraviolet radiation, which they take to be much higher. According to studies, people under 18 years receives half of the total amount of ultraviolet radiation which it receives over a lifetime. From this we can conclude that the protection of the eyes of children and adolescents with & # 39; is fundamental. They are more exposed to UV radiation in the retina, because the eyes of children eyes clearer and, to a lesser extent, can block harmful radiation radiation so harmful radiation can penetrate much deeper into the structures of the eye.

It may be added that almost all the blue lights of high energy (smart devices) reach both children and adults the retina because the cornea and on the & # 39; objects are not able to absorb these rays. As a result, the eye structure (photosensitive retinal cells) are damaged.

If parents give their children a smart device, the first rule with the & # 39 is a break. In addition, frequent short breaks are more valuable than it was then a long pause for a few hours. For preschool children, intelligent devices should not be used more than 30-40 minutes a day, but in an elementary school in the recommended time of 40 minutes twice a day.

Parents also should be aware that vision to a much lesser extent deteriorating for children who spend at least two hours a day in the open air – in natural light and is actively involved in sports.

Kids active! What if he refuses to use sunglasses because they interfere?

I would advise parents to bring an example – wear sunglasses on their own and teach children about how important it is to protect your eyes. Points can be "fit" to your child's favorite items, urging them to look good and to ensure that the eyes are not blind.

During the explanation, you can show pictures or video clips with the "Lasso": famous actors and musicians, who saw in sunglasses. If the child is not able to accompany the sunglasses, you need a hat with a wide margin or "over" to somehow hide the bright sunlight and reduce eye exposure.

My child has optical glasses to protect the eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation?

This problem can be solved by means of optical or photochromic sunglass lenses, changing tones depending on the amount of UV radiation. Being indoors fotahramnyh lens glasses are transparent, but the lens will fit in the open light. The corresponding solution, which is accompanied by specialists, can be found in almost any situation and desire.

What is the most important thing to consider when buying children's sunglasses?

As we have seen, the main thing – it's 100% protection from UVA and UVB. Otherwise, wear glasses that do not possess these protective filters can damage the eyes even more than in the case of unsuitable sunglasses. With dark sunglasses, eye pupils dilate, causing UV radiation enters the body of the eye even more when the sunglasses are not protected.

For a child it is very important to enjoy the specific points, so you need to participate in the selection of the color points. It is also important for children to sunglasses – it is the material from which they are made: soft, rubberized frame to sit comfortably, do not squeeze, crush and polycarbonate lenses for spectacles, which, when young activists violently, will not break or damage the eyes .

Different styles of sunglasses for children of all ages are available in all stores Optio. You can also buy sport sunglasses for children who are active every day, engaged in sports activities. Also, use individual or rubber straps to secure the sunglasses to keep the glasses in place.

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