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Hanadi al-Kandar in the list of "most searched" .. And why loop and her husband!


The name of the Kuwaiti artist Hanadi al-Kandar, broad cooperation through the search engine "Google", as well as social networking platforms her audience as a result of the statements of the reasons for removal of the curtain, and her relationship with her husband.

Al-Kandar said in a televised statement that she does not wear shawls properly, stressing that the hijab – it's not just a scarf, but also commitment to the exterior, which she did not.

Despite the fact that the Kuwaiti artist regretted take off her hijab, she denied that she had in the past, or random order.

Hanadi said that she is very temperament character, revealing: "I originally had in mind, what is wrong is that the veil you wear it properly, or do not paint it, because your relationship with the Lord of the worlds Mu hijab, but I I was Trabone and put Mick's father, and the dress was Safura. "

Kuwaiti artist Mohammed al-Haddad, husband Hanada al-Kandar, who was present with her in an interview with & # 39; w, said talk of his wife regarding the hijab, and he confirmed that he has no objection to his wife dressed him again, but very pleased. If the curtain back.

The relationship between the duo, Mohammed Al-Haddad revealed the details of his death, in love with his wife Hanadi al-Kandar, graduated from marriage in 2014, explaining that she pursues him until he did not pay attention, I did not try to embarrass her or refused to interest him, because he is sure that he pursues it.

Kuwaiti artist denied that his balance a woman in the same position, but al-Hanada Kandar interrupted him and told him about the new details, which made her feel embarrassed.

She said Hanadi al-Kandar, "Yes .. it is .. But the scale of Gap-rush-ghayr .. Haifa Msgat and others, but I do not care what I" to respond to her husband: "Win the lips for me?" sarcastically commenting: "We agreed to Mohammed to be sincere."

Al-Kandar stressed that it can not live without her husband, and she is very learned another wife, according to the description, it is a & # 39 is the first and last love, noting that the three sons of the former husband's husband called him "Dad," and his daughter calls him a former marriage.

She added that the Kuwaiti artist, that he did not stay away from him during the marriage only one month, due to its intense shot series in the UAE.

The audience of the artist in turn interacted with her remarks, and a variety of views and echoes on hinges specifically, some of them confirmed that personal freedom and Kanadry was clear enough to follow the barrier, while others were upset because numerous rumors which threw any artist has decided to remove her veil, between the media and social networks, as well as remember the Egyptian artist Hala Shikhov.

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