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Khaled Saleem warns his head, and the other – a surprise


Khaled Salem Administration issued a statement against the former director Mohamed Samir, which warn the public and employees who deal with it.

He said: "The technical service of artist Khalid Saleem warns against the fight with Mohamed Samir in anything associated with the work of the artist Khaled Salim as a whole, although the artist is completely excluded him from the team for more than two years of professional and ethical reasons, and the name Muhammad Samir was not. But the assistant and companion only for the artist, and was not at the head of his work. "

"I would like to explain that the relationship between me and Khaled Salim, not Khalid Salim – a family relationship, regardless of everything, and we are on the & # 39; pooled working relationship with his business leadership over 9 years, and he did not have minimum ", – said Samir. But I've been doing everything possible to raise the level of Khalid and broaden the base of his relations, because close to Khalid know that he is close to him and he did not know he knew about the relationship people well.

"The ethical and professional reasons were not available for two years after the end of the employment relationship between me and Khalid, otherwise he would have said that at a time when it is not the reason for my success in the singer Zizi Adel. Zizi Adel was the director of the work, and that Khaled did not accept, and I decided to finish with Zizi Adel for Khaled Salim, because, for example, worked with generations of star Tamer Hosny.

He concluded: "But the fact that the inheritance had family disputes, and I was not expecting for some time that this sub & # 39; the object will mutavatstsa so, as well as the existence of greed in the rights and sent me some shred messages in the worst word. The right of my rights. "

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