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Learn about the many health benefits of alternative water


Option Water with & # 39 is a fast and healthy way to extend the special fluids and contains many Alvetamenaat and antioxidant nutrients that protect against diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

View website Line Health set of the most important benefits of options for water, including its role in the control of blood pressure and body hydration and bone strength and reduced weight.

Retains body moisture: The body does not work properly without the rich water.

And most people should drink six to eight glasses of water a day.

It promotes weight lossIf you are looking to reduce weight, the replacement of sweetened soft drinks and sports drinks, juice, water option helps reduce a large percentage of calories that enter the body.

The body extends antioxidantsIn Antioxidants help prevent and delay cell damage that contributes to the prevention of many diseases, including diabetes, heart, Alzheimer's disease and cancer.

Therefore, one should be careful to eat fruit and vegetables (including option) are rich in antioxidants.

This helps to prevent cancer: Next to the antioxidant content, the option also contains a compound called «Kokorbetesyns» Food and elements are called "lignans" have a role in cancer prevention.

Drop in blood pressureOne of the high blood pressures hope to food do not contain sufficient levels of potassium, despite its importance in the regulation of blood pressure, selection of the rich sources of this element.

It promotes healthy skin: Rich embodiment pantothenic acid or vitamin -5, which is used in the treatment of acne, and variant water helps in moisturizing the skin from the inside.

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