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Newspaper Union – a new version of «Twitter» Smart Devices






Launched a social networking site «Twitter» a new version of its application for smart devices to reduce device battery power consumption by reducing the level of application of light using less lighting than the current version of the dark.

Site "TechCrunch" an expert on the technologies that "Disabling put" in the current version, as a rule, the blue more than it tends to be a real black color, which can not please everyone, but there is now an option in the settings, making the current shutdown situation electricity near black.

To use the new feature, the user is sent to the "Settings and Privacy" section in the application of "Twitter" and then click on "Display and Sound" button, and there you can select the "power off mode", which enables operation of the color "dark blue "at the moment.

Apply «Twitter» now also offers a second option, A «Lights Out», which turns dark blue to black.

According to «TechCrunch» site, the application is considered to be one interesting, not only because it allows you to increase the degree of dark color are located, but because it provides a third option for the user, which is not available in many of the latest applications that allow only two options , namely: "glossy" or "Dark",

Some argue that the dark color is better for a private eye while using the app for a long time, long periods.

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