Friday , July 30 2021

Nigerian monument appeared in his home country for the first time

Lagos (Nigeria) – The Mona Lisa Nigeria, which has been missing for more than 40 years and was found in an apartment in London in February, has been in Nigeria for the first time since disappearing.
Ben Unono painted the most famous modern artist in a Nigerian painting entitled "Tutu" in 1974. He was exhibited in an art gallery in Lagos the following year, but then disappeared until he reappeared in North London.
The owner, who preferred not to be identified, contacted Giles Bibiat, a modern and contemporary expert on African art at the Bonhams Auction House in London to get to know them. Bibiat is able to recognize Unono dishes.
"I found the painting itself during a routine call to evaluate the work of artist Ben Unono … I don't know what I will see.

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