Monday , May 10 2021

Stephanie Saliba This is the toughest challenge! | Al-Anba newspaper

Beirut – Pauline Fadel

Actress Stephanie Saliba saw it as a challenge when she wanted to describe the two characters in the Karma series, especially in the belief that such opportunities were the dreams of every actress, but at the same time a double-edged sword to prove it on the right track or to play it. According to Stephanie, this step involves a big risk of being an actress who is still in the beginning of her career and "Karma" is the second big series she starred in.

This is a very difficult task, but it has been prepared for more than three months to ensure that the least mistakes will be expensive.

He explained how he built both roles and prepared detailed profiles of each character, especially in terms of psychological structure, background and body language. He added that his work was more focused on the interior than outside because changes abroad would not help if not accompanied by internal transformation.

He insisted that the twin characters were made and karma did it when they exchanged roles, Hind Hindi turned into good luck, because Haya approached Hind after he flapped his wings and opened his wound and opened a new window of life. He pointed out that the most difficult challenge is the manifestation of two personalities in one scene, which is a duplicate situation, according to the team noted.

And the similarity between «Karma» and the series «Mary», which embodies the twin personality of Haifa Wehbe, you see the crucifixion that there are no new and old caricatures in the drama because of all the characters in the representation but the characteristic lies in adding representatives, noting that he followed «Mary" and find a big difference between him and "Karma. "

He said that the majority of women tend to be "strong" Indians, while men prefer "Haya", pointing to the end of more than one extraordinary series because, according to the principle of "Karma" Or life justice, all people will reap what he planted and because it was what he did to return to it, and denied rumors of their participation in the production of «Karma», explaining that all I did was bring his dress to the series and say: «And more than Heck».

Stephanie stressed that participating in a series that generates very high salaries cannot be tempting unless she is satisfied with this role, showing that what it means is the role itself and the impact it can have. The material comes in the second class because it's sure of money Go and come. He refused to admit that he had reached the stage of bringing the whole series on his shoulders, adding that he preferred to talk to viewers and criticize it.

He was anxious to move away from vanity and the ego that increased because the day he showed signs of vanity was the beginning of the end of his life. He expressed his gratitude to the team around him and to MTV, who believed in his potential as an actress and commissioned his first lead role in the series "Moon Moon" when he became the first presenter on this screen.

Stephanie was very enthusiastic about realizing the role of Ramadhan's next heroism in front of Syrian artist Abed Fahad in a drama series called "Minute of Silence", especially that cooperation with representatives of its size would give special sense of work and differ in opinion.

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