The Ayala International Symposium on Arts attracts third edition artists from 19 countries



Aqaba – the Nabataeans

On Thursday, November 15, draw a workshop for the third edition of the International Art Festival, with the participation of 23 artists from 19 countries,.

The three-day event, organized by the 10-day Ella Oasis Development Company, will bring together artists and artists from European, Asian, Arabic, African and Latin American countries as well as artists from Jordan.

Among the most famous artists from Egypt were Asma al-Nawawi, Sami Abu al-Azm, Konstantin Miglorini, Alessandra Carloni from Italy, Daniel Lauson from France, Flavia Kudsi and Hela Ezzeddin from Lebanon, Fatima Kellin from Australia, Fadi Haddadin from Jordan From Bahrain, Iraqis living in Germany Hassan Haddad, from Syria Thaer Hilal and Safwan Dahul, Yemeni Judge al-Aqil, Serbian artists Christina Milakovic, Luke Hart and Vanessa Ludigiani from Mexico, Korean artist Lee Yonghee, Qatari Salman Al Malik, Chunky Show.

CEO of Oasis Development Company, Eng. Sahl Doudin, expressed his pride in hosting Eileh for this international symposium that reflects the company's sincerity in supporting and developing art, sports and other talents. "This International Symposium is in line with our strategy in supporting arts and cultural activities, In the Kingdom, not to mention tourism activism from the Aqaba region through hosting and establishing many events," noted Ela's oasis of trying to strengthen Jordan's position as an incubator of creativity and culture in the Middle East , calling on everyone to enjoy the follow-up and visit the last day of the painting on Al Sharif Al Hussein Bin Ali Square in the city center on Friday, twenty-three this month.

"We are pleased to host this constellation of Arab and foreign artists, which will have a major impact on the revitalization of the Jordanian art scene and enhance the role of Ayala as an artistic and entertainment icon," said Sereen Al Masri, Semarak ", referring to the role of community participation and support the cultural and artistic side of the Kingdom.

"The artists participating in the third edition of the symposium are very creative and have a rich artistic history and creative achievements, in addition to their extensive artistic presence in many international exhibition halls. They have artistic excellence in these spaces and have collections in many museums and art galleries around the world .

For ten days, Ella Oasis will watch workshops, draw and meet with various technical schools and various different styles and generations. This will enhance artistic and creative achievements. Many image enthusiasts from the local community will participate in special workshops for students from Aqaba. Art that enriches and enhances artistic and cognitive skills.// //


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