The Sunni gang itself does not hinder the formation of the government!


In the last week of September, Speaker Nabih Berri called for a legislative session, after the horizon forming the government was blocked, and contracts that prevented authorization would not be immediately resolved. Today Berri called for a new legislative session, next week, for the same reason.

"Node" from the Sunnis, overthrew authorship efforts and began to warn of a return to things. It seems that the node is not destined for a solution, especially after Hezbollah's position, which was appointed by Prime Minister Saad Hariri and President Michel Aoun. . But what must be known in this context is that the Sunni node is not the only one that blocks the birth of the government. "The contracts have become numerous, although they vary in size, the most important being the representation of Armenians, Roman Catholics, Greek Orthodox, Maronite ministers," he said.

In the 1930s, Armenians accepted two ministers, one of whom held a portfolio and the other as minister of state. However, in negotiations for the formation of the current government, problems arose when the head of the Lebanese Forces Party, Samir Geagea, was called head of the Ministry of Social Affairs. "Toledo Avidis Kidanian places the Ministry of Tourism, which makes Armenians without a state portfolio, and what they will receive will be governed by other Christian denominations.

In fact, the Christian community has moved, especially after information about the existence of the knot, which appeared at the last authoritative station, about portfolios to be given to Catholic ministers, who are entitled to receive at least three ministries and two portfolios in accordance with the agreed principles since the Taif agreement and so on, which moves "prominent people" from the community through political visits to prevent such orders from occurring.

Not only Catholics and Armenians warn of new contracts, but Maronite ministers are an additional problem. He calls Maronite May Chidiac and Maronite Kamil Shaker Bou Soleiman, which means that four Maronites remain available, the amount desired by the Free Patriotic Movement and the President, Has signed an agreement with Hariri to exchange Christian seats in the last Sunni, and to appoint Maronite Hariri Ghattas Khoury as minister, leave the president and the "Free Patriotic" three-seat Maronite.

This dilemma has diverted Hariri's attention from the appointment of his adviser and Orthodox minister Violet Al Safadi, the wife of former minister Mohammed Safadi, but this provoked representatives of the sect, who expressed their rejection of this proposal.

All of these facts made Berri stop the waiting stage and called for a legislative assembly of the House of Representatives, because he was with the idea of ​​giving Hariri his chance before calling for such a meeting. The parliamentary bloc agreed to participate in the next Monday's House of Representatives meeting to study and regulate 38 items on the agenda, mainly but not limited to the first and second items, including requests for approval of conclusions between Lebanon and the Islamic Development Bank to finance development projects and expansion of Tripoli, They talked about support for the health sector in Lebanon and the opening of additional additional funds to meet deficiencies in drug items, item 19, and change their electricity and electricity sales from EDL, and finally item 31 to extend the period Zahle Electricity Company concession for two additional years.


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