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This is the fate of King Salman .. very sari


In the Arab world, "muzhtahid" exploding loud surprise: this is the fate of King Salman.

Known monstrous "muzhtahid" said the health of the King of Saudi Arabia Abdullah bin Salman Aziz recently there has been a sharp deterioration, forcing his son Crown Prince cut the interview & # 39; w not to deteriorate.

"The situation is getting worse in the king's health," – he said mujtahid tweeted "Twitter" that Vatan monitor and watched more than 2 million people. He was sent to Mbesam Nayoum to reduce their interviews & # 39; w, which have become so dangerous for him. "

He continued: "It was on the advice of doctors, who said Mbesu that his health will deteriorate, but slowly, and God knows best."

In August last year, the news given in quotes, it was reported that King Salman was carried out a medical examination in his palace in Zhedi after health problems.

Medical information King Salman showed that he suffered from breathing and fatigue, and recommended him to rest, which was made king, where he spent his annual leave at this time in the region "New" Kingdom.

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