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Cosmic Light: it looks like the moon rising sun


Israeli company SpaceIL issued a video captured by satellite around the Earth to the Moon circling "you take the probe. In addition, video can be seen in the light of the sun is hiding behind the planet.

. "East probe our eyes Video can be seen that the sun hides behind the Earth, but then we see the sun to get away from the shadow of the Earth, this process gives the impression as if our probe to observe the sunrise." – says »« tviterio cost SpaceIL .

Our planet can be seen in the video center of the video.

"You take the probe involved in the Google Lunar X competition and should have been the first private funds intended for lunar exploration. The contest eventually ended without winners, but SpaceIL «probe continued to develop, and this year the company's Elon Musk, SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket lifted probe into space.

One of the building blocks SpaceIL sponsors South African and Israeli billionaire Morris Kahn. The company distinguishes him more space exploration enthusiasts from around the world.

The mission at the beginning of "take" sur experienced & # 39; serious difficulties – on the road could not be one of the engines to the Earth's satellite, so the mission was able to finish the post. However, this problem was solved after restarting the system controls the probe.

It is planned to explore the lunar surface falls on April 2nd. This will allow Israel to become the fourth state, the creation of the planned probes landed on the surface of the moon. For relatively recently probes to the Moon was seconded only by the United States and the Soviet Union. Earlier this year, the dark side of the moon landing on Chinese satellite "Chang & # 39; e 4.

"You take" – the first landing on the moon probe, created partly by private funds.

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