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Dark Lithuanian business origin: Pact or beautiful, or we «Mix

In the new book "13 dark Lithuanian business secrets» narpliojamas Lithuania rich life hides millions of transactions in the competition at the expense of public institutions, the business theft.

additions reached these days to the book store – and a lot of new, interesting facts Zuokas former mayor of Vilnius.

Zuokas known public figure tells us that his first meeting with Mockus in Lithuania significantly praūžusį privatization.

"It was in the early 1990s, when checks and buying at auction – remembering the book" 13 dark Lithuanian business secrets, "said Zuokas. – At that time, together with colleagues bought vouchers and privatization of two of the & # 39 objects near the Opera and Ballet Theater – stationery and optical shops .. One of them is still owned by my company when we had to part, I remember, came Darius people called people and said, "or beautiful contract, or we will mix it," we have not had any experience overall, it was a kind of time, but I did .. partners, who were more conscious of the reality of time. then we had to pay for the fact that they simply do not interfere with us … and the interference was such that something comes and offer an inadequate price, just do not buy or sell are inhibited by other means. At the same time we did not know what and how they can, but it was clear that something they really can. I would say they were very active participants in the privatization of the then wild throughout Lithuania. "

the first intersection

In 1994-1995. Zuokas crossed D.J.Mockaus and business interests of business. The fight was really protesting. They decided the outcome is difficult to predict even in this struggle unwittingly assumes a high level of the country's lawyers.

"The clash started when one of my companies bought the company" Vaiva share. It was a store in Gediminas Avenue 44. Now these areas are "clothing" clothing outlet. Then, our company has gained 49, or almost 50 percent. With the actions of workers and .. Darius suddenly with & # 39; appeared in "Status" They bought shares in the second half was all Lightning "- recalled the former mayor of the capital Zuokas.

Since both parties are guided by the same number of shares, so it is natural that one day, when the proposal refers to the & # 39; the object bought at very high prices. But the deal still has not happened. Then Zuokas DJMockui suggested bluntly: "normally sat at the table to share a store of 600 square meters twice and continue to successfully continue its work" But the future of MG Baltic, the President does not agree can say that the fight has moved on several years of court length.. process, the two sides not only to thin out the cash, but much exhausted nerves.

"They made it clear that he would take all – memorable Zuokas – .. start a lawsuit against us, the decision to sell shares of disputes Court published a number was a time that we win one court, and the second – .. They all have even a few years ".

At the beginning of independence, actively engaged in business with partners Zuokas tired of the ravages of the marathon trial, therefore, together with the young lawyer asked for a meeting with Gumbys D.J.Mockumi, but communication with the first glimmer of dawn has left the future of the world.

They made it clear that all will pass. Initiated legal proceedings against us, the sale of shares in dispute.

"Then we stuck it to Darius did not look up from his seat. He worked up. Even the hand neištiesė, that allows us to understand that we are so small and have no voting rights. On that day, I heard a sermon wssd & # 39; tackle did not take, but remembered much later, when he. I became the mayor of Vilnius, I remember, he began to explain that there is some kind of Vilnius resident here, who come from the villages, not its own procedures in Vilnius was an attempt to show the differences in status, but we & # 39; is a "Rainbow" privatization unexpectedly solved. "-. Zuokas said,

KGB shadow

He said that while D.J.Mockaus and business partners, to take care of a large business group "Status" defender. This led the company to Vladas Bieliausko she encountered people remember as aggressive, audacious, unpredictable, but also very vulnerable. V.Bieliauskas always insisted on the fact that the accumulated capital of a mediator in buying and selling real estate. But his entourage narplioję journalists noticed that both V.Bieliauskas and his former comrades in the past have had a long-standing close ties with the KGB. Media reported that even the main V.Bieliausko lawyer and the right hand is Sigitas Živoltas (who died more than a decade ago) – also a former KGB agent.

After the press publications on real estate agency "Status" wrote Russian intelligence to cover Lithuania. Some of the State Security Department sources said that through this company has misappropriated state assets privatized KGB secret apartments. Then SSD raid on the "Status" agency, its subsidiaries, directors and shareholders. During these searches have found body armor, stun devices, portable and fixed radios, juicy content documents.

"Several times I had to communicate with V.Bieliausku. He left me a rather aggressive and intense human experience. I remember, through his office hung martial arts sword. I think that not only I go there, I felt a strange tension, since it is unclear when and under what circumstances, this sword can slip in some way use. We came to the unequivocal conclusion that the "Status" the boss has been closely linked with the KGB. he can have access to important information about some of the law enforcement bodies of judges, prosecutors, investigators biography. that's when they were picked up by a very strange decision, we thought it was just hard, "- recalling the court battle Zuokas said.

The most amazing thing that V.Bieliauskas, selling sounds, heart of the capital Gediminas Avenue in the "Children's World" of the building, less than a year, was found shot dead in his home in Vilnius. "I do not consider that the alleged V.Bieliausko» suicide. "I think that this death – this is the nearest of several environmental interests of people – as of today," Status "death profanity boss she knew that the former KGB agent. – First of all, V.Bieliauskas had been to "on hand. It accumulates albums weapons, he was well aware of the specifications. overall, it was a specialist captured weapons. an experienced man himself shot in the head in the "Margolin" gun, a strange thing. Furthermore, in this case a gun to the head must be added to a 90 degree angle. Suicide can only tall man. Finally V.Bieliauskas were quite undersized, his hands are short. And there were just all kinds of strange coincidences, inconsistencies, that the death of this man explains how a carefully planned murder. "

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