Monday , May 10 2021

Jonas Valančiūnas Night: Unconventional performances and mysterious kisses

J. Valanciunas, who came from the bench, played for 14 minutes and won 7 points (3/4 d., 1/2 round), 9 rebounds, 1 match, one error and 2 failed.

However, for an internship, the squad's performance is no better than the JV's performance, but the team's business.

Delon Wright was caught by the kissing JV arm. Tweeter internates begin to consider the reasons.

Fred VanVleet on the Raptors team was the most successful with 18 points, Danny Green added 17, and Serge Ibaka – 16 points and 4 blocks.

D. Green out of the game hit 7 throws, including all three three-pointers.

The Toronto team played without Kawhi Leonardo, who was given a break on the 43-minute pitch on Friday night in a match which lost to the Boston Celtics.

The Bulls also played without one of Zach LaVine's leaders, he missed the match because of illness.

The bulls hit only 34.9% of the game. throw (30/86) and make a mistake 22 times.

In the fourth quarter did not play Raptors five players, but the difference still increased to almost 40 points.

Bulls: A.Blakeney 13, J.Parker (6 years ago) and J.Holiday after 12, C. Hollandison and R. Lopez after 9.

Raptor: F.VanVleet 18, D.Greenas 17, S.Ibaka 16, P.Siakam 12 (8 ret., 5 ed.), L. Brown 10.

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