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The culprit of many diseases could be a deficit of the same vitamin doctors call it an epidemic of modern times


Dermataveneralogiya Asta Dumblyauskene and family physician Valery Morozov said the following questions in issue of "healthy recipes" to DELFI.

– In all the Lithuanians do not have enough vitamin D? – Doctors Christine Chyparytse asked doctors.

. – Valery Morozov: Not only Lithuanians, but also for all the vitamin D is absent, it was only recently. Now we can say that this is an epidemic deficiency of vitamin D. It was all the time, but he was very active at the moment. Even in very sunny countries such as Saudi Arabia, women do not get sunlight because of their clothing, so they also do not have vitamin D in a different place – because of the lack of food – we – both for food and for sunlight .

We can say that all of us do not have enough vitamin D, which is not taking it further.

Asta Dumbliauskienė: Polish endocrinologists had quite a test, 90% of them. The Poles of all ages do not have enough vitamin D. This is probably the fact that we are in this situation, and we really do not have enough.

vitamin D

vitamin D

– And why is now an epidemic? 50 years ago we had enough sun?

. – A. D: The sun may have been enough, but it had a different approach. Vitamin D is absorbed through the skin naturally, to 100 percent. Vitamin D is produced in the skin and up to 20 percent. we get from food. Now, as dermatologists, we have begun to warn people about the effects of ultraviolet sunlight, warn us that we are in the sun and are not in there, there is a question – and how to do it with vitamin D? The more we protect sun, let alone protect it from skin cancer, we do not make vitamin D added.

– What are you doing?

. – A. A: It should be a question – what we most fear: cancer or deficiency of vitamin D, and that we can fix before – whether it's cancer or a clever way to vitamin supplements. I think it's better to be afraid of what is actually shown – various diseases of skin cancer – and possibly taking supplements of vitamin D.).

– We talk a lot about vitamin D, the doctors, it is special?

. – VM: This vitamin is needed by all – from dentistry to oncology. This is important in cardiology and neurology, not even worth talking about osteoporosis and others. Vitamin D is important in the world. Due to lack of chronic fatigue develops and affects many symptoms. Whatever we have taken in the field of medicine, it is important everywhere, because it influences the metabolism of calcium, and it's part of our "elements". We have a lot of calcium on the street and inside the cells. No matter (the body's systems – DELFI) were close, we need calcium – for bone, muscle, cognitive, cardiovascular functions. Why we started talking about this now? According to the doctor, to the sun has changed, lifestyles have changed, and 50 years ago it was much more physical work, the use of additives was higher, for example, was forcibly consumed in the kindergartens. Vitamin drinks, such as milk, which are currently produced in the western world have been improved, and vitamin D is added to food.

Asta Dumblyauskine, Valery Morozov

Asta Dumblyauskine, Valery Morozov

© DELFI / Cyril Chachovski

– With regard to the symptoms you mentioned chronic fatigue. Suppose you know that the patient does not have enough Vitamin D – there are many, or is one of the proposals for the treatment of fatigue?

– VM: The diagnosis of chronic fatigue is mainly formed when we do not find any other reason. If we understand that it is deficient in vitamin D, we usually give higher levels of vitamin D and is usually palyapshaemsya since this is symptomatic treatment. Symptoms can be many, such as muscle pain, so this study is so popular. Whatever you are looking for in Google, you will find fatigue as a symptom of disease. Therefore it will be a lot of motivation to do research – be it for me.

– A study of vitamin D, probably now popular as a common problem of fatigue? Doctor, how do you think you need a test?

. – A. D: I still like to appoint vitamin D. In dermatology, vitamin D deficiency with a higher or lower level does not allow me to treat. I see that I do not get good results, despite the fact that I had a good treat. Then the question arises – and that way? Very often prevents one or another deficiency of certain substances and, of course, vitamin D. I noticed that there are exceptional cases of normal index search for those who are appointed to test vitamin D. Most often it is a question of how much this drawback. Before the treatment of dermatological and cosmetic procedures, even I'm going to check vitamin D and, if necessary, one way or another to compensate.

vitamin D

vitamin D

– How Vitamin D refers to dermatological problems?

. – A. D: Perhaps no dermatological diseases where vitamin D would not have got his triglycerides. Since basic conditions: dry skin, dry skin dermatitis, dermatitis atopichnaga, box closure, roses, vitiligo, infectious diseases.
Deficiency of vitamin D plays an important role in the world. Therefore, in this case, it is important to check for dermatologists.

vitamin D

vitamin D

– But if you say that vitamin D is not, perhaps, everyone will have to drink it?

– VM: We have to distinguish between two groups of patients: patients who are taking prophylactic vitamin D and do not have a serious & # 39; oznyh complaints common illnesses; and those who have certain conditions that need a quick fix, or those who need large doses. I'm not saying that I did not examine the vitamin D and will not give him life, but I do not like it for any patient condition. There are certain doses, which do not need to verify the prescription. We can exceed the recommended daily dose 5-6 times and do not check the overdose, as vitamin D overdose is quite complicated, especially for adults. But if we need to take a particularly large dose, it should be calculated in this case need to do a test for vitamin D. Professionals are increasingly faced with more complex disease than family doctors. Their patients are more complex. If you need more aggressive treatment, it is necessary to test for vitamin D. But when it comes to the daily correction, but this study is not necessary. The dose ranges from 400 to 4,000 IU (international units) per day, and we can use it without any research.

The culprit of many diseases could be a deficit of the same vitamin doctors call it an epidemic of modern times

– There is a large gap between the number specified by you. How to choose?

– VM: People with a high content of vitamin D will not buy because it is a product with a prescription.

– A. D: Up to 1000 TV – will be sold without a prescription.

– VM: 1000 TV for an average adult human would be enough if he has no disease, chronicity of diseases and symptoms. In all other cases you should consult your doctor and seek medical advice. For example, vitamin D is not for everyone, but it can affect any disease. However, we can also speak about male testesteron and women – about the lack of iron. In addition, everyone needs a thyroid analysis – all diseases have the same effect on the metabolism of the thyroid gland. If you have any complaints, you should contact your doctor. If prophylactic use of vitamin D, the children need 400 IU per day for adults – from 1000 to 2000 IU. Especially for women over 70, more than 2,000 IU is recommended for osteoporosis.

The culprit of many diseases could be a deficit of the same vitamin doctors call it an epidemic of modern times

© DELFI / Andrius Ufart

– Can you name at risk, which should see a doctor to study vitamin D?

– A. D:. What is a high-risk group to reduce the levels of vitamin D? There are a lot of conditions, and not just the disease. Suppose that women who are planning pregnancy, pregnant women and breast-feeding, especially obese people. In addition, everyone who suffers from recurrent chronic infections, frequent upper respiratory tract infections, asthma, osteoporosis, frequent leg muscles, pain in the bones, thyroid disorders, autoimmune disease, Crohn's disease, anorexia nervosa, nervous exhaustion, fatigue and so on. t. The question is, what is not included in this risk group? Indeed, many – it is not just the disease, but also the conditions that have already shown that we still have to follow that vitamin D not only give the most primitive dose, but perhaps even more. Older age, greater weight – increased content of vitamin D.

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