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These simple signs issued liver disease: sudden onset


According to the Lithuanian Kaunas University of Medicine Hospital Clinic gastroenterologist Sigitos Gelman, liver pain a person feels, and liver disease – one of the most dangerous "hidden" diseases in the world. Their incidence is increasing every year worked, while pražiūrėtų «cases is declining.

Liver – "hidden", but treacherous

"The frequency of chronic liver disease in the world is growing every year. The World Health Organization from chronic liver disease each year 2 million people die, and cirrhosis of the liver prevalence rate of 9 percent. of the total population.

Common: viral hepatitis, alcohol developed chronic liver disease and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Although chronic liver disease worldwide increased mortality, but it is not enough to allocate "- said Mr. Gelman.

Due to the lack of education in society, according to her, liver disease, the theme is not only shrouded in conflicting information, but also myths. "People make mistakes, considering that overweight, fatty liver itself, and there is nothing of this, whether fatty liver liekniems Sun threaten people, and that the mere risk of abuse of alcohol and fatty liver.

Liver disease is often overlooked because people do not feel pain in the liver, "- says the doctor.

sophisticated complications

"Fat liver – liver cells, the accumulation of large fat globules. In the beginning, fatty liver does not cause any symptoms. Over time, liver damage may develop inflammation – nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. This is an important question that should be on time, because it can lead to serious complications, "- explains.

liver disease characterized by nonspecific symptoms – weakness, fatigue, inability to work, symptoms of dyspepsia, discomfort under the right rib cage. The progression of liver disease, hepatic cirrhosis stage have specific symptoms – jaundice, an increase of 39 & #; volume abdominal bleeding gums and nose.

Abuse of painkillers or fast food

Fatty liver disease is divided into two types: alcoholic fatty liver and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. The latter is most often associated with overweight, obesity, but it can develop and lieknam people.

The biggest threat to people suffering from metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hypertension, gout, with dyslipidemia. Fatty liver can cause the drugs and other liver diseases, chronic hepatitis B and C and alcohol.

"Much depends on the lifestyle and habits. Later, physical inactivity, poor nutrition, junk food, alcohol – faulty lifestyle habits, which can be a major cause of liver disease.

Recent research data indicate a significant impact nelakoholinės fatty liver disease with 39 & # is the occurrence of intestinal microorganisms; It is set in a hereditary predisposition to the disease, "- says the doctor gastroenterologist.

Yet undiscovered feature treatment

Although chronic liver disease, according to S. Gelman, usually painless, but it is difficult to treat, because effective treatment is suitable for all people – no.

"Multidisciplinary treatment in the fight against liver disease opens up new possibilities for the treatment of opportunistic diseases, rational use of medicines, referral to a dietitian and adjusting diet and lifestyle.

Chronic liver disease insidious and frightening. Recent trends show that the incidence of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease increases, there is a risk that a rapid cirrhosis with 39 & # is the primary cause of this particular disease. "- is common.

This can be delayed and

liver disease, the doctor said that may not be noticeable for a long time, as often occurs, as has already been allocated.

Health sickness absence does not mean that you are healthy, you need to be checked regularly. If the disease early

stage will be much easier to deal with it. Liver disease can be suspected and after a simple blood test. Hepatic inflammation increases the amount of enzymes. Suspicions about the state of the liver confirmed by ultrasound and fatty liver stiffness examination ultrasonography. In doubtful cases, additionally be used for biopsy – the doctor said.

Prevention – Healthy Lifestyle

According to S. Gelman, preventive function against liver diseases of various preparations of phospholipids.

"These drugs are designed to help the regeneration of liver cells and liver cell membrane. Although fatty liver is not reduced, but in liver inflammation and disappearance of cells, these substances contribute to liver regeneration. Currently, the world has made a lot of research, because the disease is increasing, so an intensive search for the most effective treatment "- indicates the source.

A healthy diet, exercise, obesity and excess weight correction – are by far the most important preventive measures against diseases of the liver.

"Sedentary work, sedentary lifestyle, which contributes to the obesity epidemic, both in our country and around the world – are also affected. You should also avoid liver damaging factors: excessive use of alcohol and drugs and food additives ", – he concluded the doctor.

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