Google Now gets a new reminder center and now allows you to pay for gas


Although Google Now supports a simple voice command to help you quickly set up reminders, it doesn’t currently allow you to see all reminders in one place. Now Google is changing this with the latest update to Google Now, which offers a new hub for all your reminders.

Organize reminders with the Reminder Center

You can access the new reminder center by saying, “Ok Google, open my reminders.” This command will open a new page showing a list of all upcoming reminders, as well as helpful suggestions for re-reminders that you can customize with one click.

Each reminder in the center of reminders shows several details, including the date and time of the reminder, as well as whether it is repeated or not. Next to the reminders there is also a check box that you can click to mark it as completed. Alternatively, you can click on reminders to open the settings page to change their names, time / location and more. The new Reminder Center in Google Now also includes a floating action button in the lower right corner to help you quickly create a new reminder.

As expected, your reminders will automatically sync with Google Calendar, and you’ll also be able to manage them on your desktop. The new reminder center should not be confused with the “Memory” feature, which is still under development, which we noticed in the APK break earlier this year.

Pay for gas with Google Now

Along with the new Reminder Center, Google is adding another feature to Google Now that will allow you to pay for gas without your hands. We noticed this feature almost a year ago and it is finally here. To use this feature, you can say “Hey, Google, pay for gas” in Android Auto or on your phone, select the pump number, and then complete the contactless payment using Google Pay. This feature will be available at more than 32,500 gas stations across the U.S., starting with Exxon and Mobil stations, Conoco, Phillips 66 and 76. Google plans to expand support for Shell stations in the near future.

Google’s new Gas Assistant team goes well with all the other Android Auto features that Google announced today. These new features will definitely make driving more enjoyable for Android Auto users.


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