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One mother says her son to "care for one another", as returned by cancer


A single mother with cancer, which is "petrified death" made its sons promise to care for each other.

Tanya Davis, 32, earlier bowel cancer has been diagnosed, but was all clear three months ago.

But Asda worker last week, having two boys Jack, at age eight, and Ben, 14, was given the heartbreaking news that the disease has spread all over her body.

Tanya Davies of her sons promise to take care of each other (Picture: Media NCJ)

"I just asked them to promise to always take care of each other, if anything happens to me," said Tanya.

She added: "I'm worried about what might happen to my children if anything happens I just want to know that they will be okay..

Tanya, from Walker, Newcastle, first went to the doctors with intense abdominal pain – but the X-rays, scans and multiple blood tests all showed there was nothing wrong.

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"My stomach was swollen, I was nine months pregnant, she said.

"I was diagnosed with a cyst of the stomach, but the cyst does not prevent you from going to the toilet. The more days to continue, the more pain I was in.

In the end, she pushed to go under the knife and the surgeon discovered a tumor behind her bowel.

Bowel cancer, which affects 40,000 Britons in the UK, the most common in older men and is considered to be rare among young women.

Asda worker was given the all-clear last year (photo: NCJ Media)

Tanya which case described it as a "one-in-a-million", and then passed through 17 rounds of chemotherapy or surgery to treat the disease.

She was told that just before Christmas that the cancer is gone, but has since spread to her liver and pelvis.

"The medical staff told me that they were gutted," she said.

"I hope for the treatment and begin chemotherapy, but they have stopped looking for drugs. I am petrified of death.

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At the same time, the mother of two children has focused on "making memories" with their children.

"Jack told me that you beat it once, you'll beat him twice, she said.

Mother of two children to friends launched Crowdfunding page to raise money for families and quickly smashed her £ 500 target.

She's a wonderful person, calm and kind, which would never really expect something from someone, one Tanya Armstrong said.

"This is the only way we know how to help, and we just want to make it easier for her when she is suffering.

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