The MCMC deputy director is accused of falsifying claims amounting to RM 9,000


KOTO KINABALU: The deputy director of the Malaysian Commission for Communications and Multimedia (MCMC) is accused of considering three facts of allegedly false allegations about the Sabah event more than seven years ago.

37-year-old Mohd Duffy Liamin, who was part of Beaufort’s MCMC division, was accused of falsifying claims worth RM 9,000 in three deals for a non-existent boat rental in 2013.

On the first charge, he was charged with transferring a lawsuit with lawsuits, which included a boat rental fee of 1,000 RM for the program “Himpunan Kasih Sayang Perinkat Vilaya Persekutuan Labuan 2013”.

The claims, filed on March 7, 2013, were allegedly related to costs incurred on January 12 of that year.

In the second and third charges, he was charged with two lawsuits, each amounting to RM 4,000, for special boat rentals on different routes respectively, on the same date, on the same travel date, 12 January 2013.

Mohd Duffy pleaded not guilty to the charges read to him at the Special Corruption Court in Kota Kinabalu on Thursday (September 23rd) before Judge Abu Bakar Manat.

The judge allowed the accused to post bail of 10,000 rubles with one bail and ordered him to submit his passport to court through his lawyer by October 8.

As Mohd Duffy is now included in the MCMC unit in Negro Sembilan, he will be asked to report to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) office there every two months.

He was also instructed not to interfere and not to interfere with witnesses in the case.

His pre-trial administration is scheduled for November 12.

In another case, an assistant state drainage and irrigation engineer was accused of receiving a bribe of 1,838 rubles on March 17, 2017 from a private company as an incentive that would allow him to supply goods under the program this year.

The department then organized the H20 Run program.

31-year-old Nurul Syazvani Idris pleaded not guilty to Abu Bakr.

She was allowed to post a bail of RM 6,000 with one surety and she had to report to the MACC office here every two months.

She was also ordered to submit an international passport to the court.

The pre-trial administration is scheduled for November 12.


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