TOP Media announces 100% disbandment


TOP MEDIA announced 100% official dissolution.

On September 23, the label revealed that the boy band was disbanding 100% after the October 9th KST contracts expired. Participants also wrote the following joint letter:

“This will be the last time we welcome you 100%.

It is very difficult to leave a place where you have been for a long time. If as long as it is now, more time will pass, and soon enough it will become short. At 100% it was such a valuable 9 years along with our participants. We sincerely thank our fans for loving us, even when we miss them.

Thank you for being with us at the age of twenty. We were so happy. We hope that the future brings happiness and each of us will return with a new image.

We are able to cheer up and become happy thanks to all of you. Because of all of you our youth was interesting and we are grateful to you. Please be happy. All of you.

Thank you for loving 100%. We will return with a new look. “

100% debuted as a group of 7 people in 2012 with “We, 100%“Their previous leader Minvu died suddenly in 2018.

Other news, 100% down »Beautiful girl“September 27 KST.

Stay tuned for updates 100%.


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