Tuesday , May 11 2021

A party of "rectangular revolution" legend

Revolution The quadrilateral legend revives the fond memories of Mexican soccer lovers who can see on the Alberto "Chivo" Córdoba stadium to a long list of former stars Cruz Azul, America, Chivas, and Toluca.

The meeting of friends moved to the Ciudad Universitaria campus and succeeded as the protagonists gave themselves to viewers who pushed them from the stands despite the cold weather felt in the Mexican capital.

Hysteria (ex Diablos Rojos del Toluca) marched for the first day of engagement leaders who left their mark in history books such as David Rangel, Edgar Dueñas, Carlos Maria Morales, Victor Ruíz, "Sinha", Fabián Estay, José Manuel Cruzalta and Carlos Gerardo Rodríguez.

Meanwhile, Cruz Azul took the duel very seriously and, under the technical direction of Melvin Brown, acted with César "Chelito" Delgado, elngel "Matute" Morales, Miguel Zepeda, Norberto Scoponni and Juan Hernández, to name a few of them.

In double billboard football revived the National Classic between Legends Guadalajara and the Eagles of America where there were many men in the 90s offering real battles when they fought in official matches.

Luis Roberto Alves "Zague", "Chuy" Mendoza, "Gansito" Pandilla, Isaac Terrazas, Reinaldo Navia, Raul "foal" Gutierrez, Cecilio de los Santos and Luis "Matador" Hernandez returned to the bluecream jacket to face chiverío Ramón Ramírez, Alberto Coyote, Benjamín Galindo, Héctor Reynoso, Xavier Báez and Héctor "guameru" García JR.

Before more than six thousand fans gathered in the Autonomous University of Mexico State building, the quadrilateral "Star Revolution" living its first day exceeded expectations.
This week will be the closing star with clashes between the former Rojos del Toluca Diablos and Guadalajara legend.

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