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Bandits terrorizing gold and El Rosario, Sinaloa


Culiacan, Sinaloa.- The wave of violence that take place in the town of El Rosario due to the presence of criminal groups from the state of Durango, that claim seeks to steal the gold mines found in this sector.

A government official said that with the & # 39 is more affordable for this sheaf enter the state in the area of ​​El Rosario in the center of the city in fact still performs an operation called a mirror, which will allow, if necessary, to enter the next state when he finds out where the group is a criminal.

"This band is working in this area, including the state of Durango is easier to get in El Rosario, which highlands«Said Secretary of Public Security.

70 are elements that protect the city, especially raster community where they have suffered a total of 17 seven & # 39; families displaced by the violence.


In view of the efforts being made to ensure the tranquility of the mountain town, It had a total of 69 seven & # 39; families who were able to return to their homes, and they resolved immediately to determine what type of support required.

To prevent displacement continue, Enter the elements of the Navy in the operation to arrest those responsible for the safety of acts adopted in this area.

He also confirmed that last week El Rosario 8 people were victims of murder, Denied the information flowing through social networks, which ensure that the number of murders is 13 people.

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