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Gavin de Becker: The investigation commissioned by Jeff Bezos concluded that Syria will be hacked into the phone | international


The richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, was invited to find out who stole his intimate messages with his girlfriend, and their research results indicate a political operation that originated in Saudi Arabia. This finding showed that security adviser Bezos Saturday, Gavin de Becker, on the platform, signed by him and published in The Daily Beast"Our researchers and some experts conclude with certainty that the Saudis have access to your personal information and Bezos received," says De Becker.

Gavin de Becker, senior security consultant specializing in the protection of the rich and famous. It takes 22 years working with Bezos. January 9, when Jeff Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie Bezos, announced their divorce, tabloid gossip National Enquirer He published an explosive cover, revealing that Bezos had a relationship with an old TV presenter in Los Angeles under the name Lauren Sanchez. This newspaper is owned by American Media Inc. (AMI), David Pecker editor. Packer with & # 39; is a member of Donald Trump for decades, and helped him in the company to cover up his sexual past.

The information contained photos of a pair of sentimental and private messages between Bezos and Sanchez. This led to Bezos, Amazon owner, whose fortune is estimated at 131 000 million dollars, will take care to study De Becker, to get to the bottom of the source of the leak of such communication. "Bezos said," You spend all that is necessary "to find those involved in the plot," says De Becker in the text, published today.

This investigation has been completed and the safety of human Bezos aims to Saudi Arabia and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (known as MBS), a powerful player in the Middle East, which are attributed to the efforts of the Saudi monarchy moderate their traditions more railways and improve its image abroad. "We did not get our conclusions easily," says De Becker. Research sources include, but are said to be "current and heads past the AMI," "experts to spy on senior Middle East", "experts in the field of cyber security that followed the Saudi espionage", "current and former aides trump" "informants Saudis" "people who know personally" MBS "people working with a partner Saud Al Qahtani" and Saudi dissidents.

Becker begins with the fact that from the outset it seemed strange interest was the American media-Inc at directing suspicions about Michael Sanchez, brother of Lauren Sanchez. Anonymous sources said early in the media this figure, known as the booking Hollywood fiery trumpista. On the 19th day, The Wall Street Journal He said National Enquirer I paid $ 200,000 to her sister Sanchez tycoon messages. The few times he spoke to the press, Sanchez denied that the message source. He speaks researcher He went up to him to pay for the story, not the other way around, which reinforces the idea that the magazine knew before from another source.

Becker said in its platform Saturday, which gave the results of its investigation into the security forces and more than anything in this regard does not say.

Bezos himself noted the Saudi crown in a public statement, which reported that AMI is trying to extort. If the investigation started falling, I was looking at a possible Saudi connection, Bezos said he contacted the editor demanding that he publicly stated that there was no political motivation. The threat that they will publish the images on your phone, with the remaining early history, including sexual photos. Bezos has condemned the alleged attempted blackmail in public. Photos have never been published. According to Bezos, the Saudi connection is possible, especially worried editors researcher.

Besides the president Amazon Jeff Bezos owns The Washington PostFrom the very beginning of his presidency, Donald Trump sur & # 39; ozna attacked after accusing him of lying and bias against him. In October last year, a regular contributor to the newspaper, Jamal Khashoggi Saudi journalist was killed and dismembered in the Saudi embassy in Turkey. Further research shows directly to Saudi Crown thugs was made Crown Prince direct order. Despite the fact that the services do US intelligence pointing to the Saudi regime, Donald Trump said that he believed that the exculpatory version of Prince. after led global coverage in this regard that the RMS & # 39; ozna fouled external image of Prince Salman Bin.

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