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"I love my life," Cynthia Rodriguez de Carlos Rivera


After rumors about the alleged wedding Cynthia Rodriguez and Carlos Rivera, Hostess and actress explained to his followers to the present situation.

Cynthia Rodriguez She said she was not married, and said that the last time she talks about her relationship with the singer, because it both agreed, will always keep it in private.

"As you know, I have a relationship that is very careful about the relationships that we have decided on the first day, we have such a beautiful love, so strong, where we love each other in freedom, we always support and protect ourselves, so we do not want no one thinks. Today I would like to respond, and I want to tell you that never again will not talk about their relationship, because I do not want to make it look like I take a moment, " – he explained.

During the week Daniel commented Bisagno show that near the source admitted that Carlos and Cynthia were married at a ceremony in Coahuila, forcing Rodriguez will perform in front of an audience, to deny the rumors.

"Not yet, I have to pass, we are not married, there are no plans now have a lot of things that we want to achieve, because we worked without stopping for many years to achieve things in our car & # 39;. EASURES "he said.

On the other hand, she also revealed that she is very happy woman, and she meets the love of life.

"I'm a happy woman, I am a woman who feels very loved and respected as never before in my life, so I want you to know that I know that I am the perfect person for me, and most of all, I I know that I love my life ", Explained exacademica.

Love away from the spotlight

The artists met in "Academy" in 2005, which established a beautiful friendship. Since then they have been inseparable, and never showed the public their relationship, to avoid speculation.

Some media reported that the couple has entered into a relationship in November 2015, when the hostess interviewed the singer.

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