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IMSS guarantees access to antiretroviral drugs for recipients of HIV


IMSS, especially in the field of health benefits is already studying changes in this month's guide to HIV / AIDS treatment

The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) warranty almost 60,000 beneficiaries living with HIV / AIDS the access to antiretroviral drugsTo provide a better quality of life and struggle with their disease confirmed Mauricio Hernandez AvilaDirector of economic and social benefits.

Welcoming the International Community Forum Study and exchange of community capacity, Which was held in the National Medical Center "Sigla the XXI", he stressed that the IMSS, especially in the area of ​​health benefits is already studying the changes made to this month HIV / AIDS treatment guidelines.

"To see how we introduce new innovative medicines in our scheme, which have fewer side effects and better able to make a presentation," – he explained.

Deputy general director of Social Welfare, zoe RobledoHernandez Avila said that the IMSS with & # 39 is headquartered Forum of the international community, organized by the International AIDS Society (IFRS, for the acronym in English).

"This is the most important World Conference on the Scientific Aspects of HIV / AIDS, we learn about the latest developments, we Mexicans have the opportunity to interact, to have a communication network with scientists from around the world It is considered as a very good opportunity for the promotion of science in Mexico.", – he said, he said.

On Saturday, 20 and 21 Sunday, July 21, in the department of the Congress of the National Medical Center "Sigla the XXI", public figures and international activists to discuss their experience with the scientific community, with a focus on the needs of the population and the role of research in order to solve them.

"IMSS is committed to the health of all Mexicans I remembered the first case of HIV / AIDS, which is expressed here in the Institute in 1983, almost 40 years ago;. Now we have a well-organized community forum, a community that sets standards not only in the treatment of this disease, but also in the participation of the various affected communities, in health care, which he receives in social and health activities. give, "he said.

Dr. Hernandez Avila said that in IMSS headquarters, in an alternative room, held a high-level meeting with the scientific community of viral hepatitis and HIV infection. research that may lead to the final treatment of these diseases.

This forum is held to the X International scientific conference on HIV (IAS 2019), which, starting from next Monday, 22 July, will take more than six thousand participants and experts from 125 countries in the course of negotiations and training on the latest achievements in the field of HIV infection and the use of this knowledge.

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