Mantas on behalf of CJNG blamed Yunes for insecurity in Veracruz


MEXICO CITY (APR). – A dozen municipalities in the state of Veracruz were lined with Narcomantas which was allegedly signed by the Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) where they criticized security measures by Governor Miguel elngel Yunes Linares.

In perfect print, the messages given to President Veracruz, the death of medical students, Valeria Cruz, daughter of federal Morena legislator, Carmen Medel.

The canvas and blankets appear with broad visibility, over the weekend, in Poza Rica -micipicipal arranged by Morena- and with less diffusion in Coatzintla and the municipality in the south of the entity.

In these canvases, they accuse the Veracruz government and the Civil Force of having a hitman "thrower" identified as The richyThe alleged material writer from the student, Valeria Cruz, was to be taken from her house by the Civil to "clarify" the murder of the deputy daughter, who would be confused with the boyfriend of the head of the plaza.

A police chief from the SSP consulted on this issue, and who requested anonymity, ensured that the majority of tarpaulins and narcomantas were placed by Morena supporters.

"You only observe tarpaulins, the same messages in several municipalities, without wrong spelling, without threats to rival groups, with political and non-criminal connotations, with a lack of visibility in cities governed by Morena, without the signature of a leader, the message is clear, it is authorship from the dark, "he said.

In the blanket, CJNG blamed Yunes Linares for attacking Carmen Medel's family.

"Of the people in the party who won the governor and we said that you won because your son is only your screen; you have learned to lose and your government is over," whipped the canvas.

In the ill-fated press conference, Yunes Linares boasted of a "quick response from the government" to boast that The richy It was located by the state authorities, but when they arrived at the location where they were arrested, they had been shot by their own criminal group.

On the same day, Yunes drew irritation from the press conference, because reporter Miguel León, from the center of E-Consulta, questioned him for what appeared to be extrajudicial executions.


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