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"Soyuz" arrives at the space station on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the arrival to the Moon


Russian ship MS-13, Union was established in this Saturday, six hours and 20 minutes after taking off from the cosmodrome "Baikonur" (Kazakhstan), the International Space Station (ISS), in the mission, which honored the "Apollo 11" and is committed to continue to pave the way for a new course: Mars

After four rounds around the earth Russian Alexander Skvortsov, American Andrew R. Morgan and Italian onion Parmitano I arrived at the ISS on a trip, which coincided with the 50th anniversary of the & # 39; the appearance of man on the moon.

Union, which took off at the scheduled time, the local 21.28 Kazakhstan (16:28 GMT), was bound on a few minutes earlier than expected, at 18:48 local time in Washington, DC (22:48 GMT), Service Module Zvezda plant, which is confirmed by NASA on his Twitter account, which broadcast the arrival live.

To celebrate the first landing of man on the Earth's satellite, the three astronauts gave a special mark in spacesuits, very similar to the original,
in accordance with an eagle, the Moon and the Earth, "and three stars that are read as Roman figure of 50," he explained Parmitano Friday at a press conference.

Like 50 years ago, in the icon "Union MS-13" did not enter the names of the astronauts because of their results, as in "Apollo 11," "will belong to all mankind."
The new crew will conduct a space and the path to hold an extensive program of experiments.

soyuzm13_afp2.jpg "src =" "style =" width: 567px; height: 349px; "/><br />Photo: AFP</p><p>The second time Parmitana goes to the ISS, and Morgan for the first time to do it. For him, the Russian satellite was his third mission.</p><p>The three astronauts will join the crew, which was in the ISS since March last year: the Russian cosmonaut Alexei Avchynina and American astronauts Christina Hammock Koch and Nick Haig.</p><p>For Russian cosmonauts will be the most important experiment tester, during which they will receive a spacecraft "Soyuz-14 MS", which instead of a human crew will anthropomorphic robot FEDOR.</p><p>Starlings and Ovchynin in practice, check the robot the possibility to carry out the mission in the future of space transport vehicles of the "new generation".</p><p>Parmitano which Skvortsov will be at the station at 201 days, called "Beyond" (beyond) their return to space, where he plans to spend about 50 tests, six of which – an Italian, to test technologies faced large space travel. .</p><p>"The mission aims to study the technological and scientific developments in the future to go to Mars, to go beyond the ISS," – he said in an interview with & # 39; nd Efe recently Giovanni Valentin, responsible for the use of resources from the space agency Italy (ASI). space station.</p><p>For its part, Morgan remains on the platform until April 1 of the following year, ie 256 days.</p><p>ed</p></div> </pre> </pre> [ad_2] <br /><a href=Source link