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The history of "Sweet Child O Mine": toxic shock and link kissing


Posted on July 21 on the disk Guns N Roses Appetite for destruction She became a symbol of rock '80s. In particular, one of her singles have become world-famous, but hides toxic history.

I'm talking about Sweet baby, mine, That song, which was covered to exhaustion and possible funniest forms. This served and soundtracks of many films, and as an important role in the study of any guitarist.

A return to violence

If the vocalist Axl Rose He wrote that the woman: Erin Everly was very lost. young singer gun He returned to his hometown of Lafayette, Indiana. This city would be characterized by the very musicians Avgustovka for your life.

Axl RoseWilliam Bruce Bailey Jr. regularly attended church as a child. His mother sent him in alone, and he escaped from his father's violent alcoholic who contrasted with some of the crucifixion mother a singer. gun.

In fact, rose He grew up with the blows of the fatherland and in very harsh conditions. Even the musician to the seventeenth year found that people who constantly communicate it was not his father. It's hard, is not it?

It is to destroy it. Therefore, a return to its roots, already known to many musicians, always seemed sadamasahistychnym way not to forget its origins.

In one of those cases, n & # 39; drunks in a bar in the city, and despised by many Americans, Axl He began to play with a few ideas that came to mind. Not to escape, the musician wrote a few cloths on a napkin from this filthy place.

She has a smile that reminds me of childhood memories. She has the eyes of a blue sky, as if she was thinking about the rain

RAKERAS kisses

It was a poem about love, dedicated to young Everly. The girl, who knew him well before this Axl He was known for leading Guns N Roses.

Also, Erin always loved Axl despite the fact that he is always involved in arrests for robbery and street fighting.

It is said that both tried to kiss constantly, that the pair did not spend no matter who was present. Axl and Erin also vowed eternal love, in spite of what happened to both of them.

With this passion come a long poem in which she sang Rose Sweet baby, mine, Hymn of love filled with lots of rocks.

Shock and toxicity

Ah, but they say that love always ends. Axl He was also known for being cruel and n & # 39; yanym man. His fury has every day were so widespread that it seldom seemed calm.

That is why, later than in the near future and Erin Axl They begin to model the toxic relationship for all those who want to avoid them. Kissing, discussion and bruises. Kissing, discussion and bruises. So, they could deal with relationships.

For many years, Erin not only endured severe blows Axl, but also the fact that the rocker slept with dozens grupovak to return home and to swear eternal love to her.

The Sweet baby, mine will Rat with a two-legged, Satisfied with this, Erin decided to go back home after a life beats, rock and a lot of heroin.

That night in 1989, Axl I followed Erin and hit her at the door of her house. He took the gun and pointed it to the temple, to threaten to marry him.

The wedding will take place on April 27, 1990; But it would be the entrance to hell for Erin. Despite the fact that she was pregnant, in one of the explosions Axl she fell to the floor and drags to polish the floor with his body.

Over time, Erin Axl they will be deleted, and after two years will go to court, because the Ever sued for all losses suffered by the singer.


In the end, Sweet baby, mine it was the ninth song, and best, disco Appetite for destruction Published in 1987. His popularity was such that it reached number one on the Billboard Hit 100 within two weeks.

However, although Axl He was the one who wrote the lyrics and the main rhythm, and Slash took care of the arrangements and solos. But the same guitarist gun He assured that a single one of the most hated him.

The reason? According to the musician, joining the single was part of a test study, which he performed during the rehearsal as a joke. He even explained that the reef – it is an imitation of chords, which are usually heard in the circus.

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