albino suffering in Africa


"My mother left me to pray. A woman came and told me that she would take me to see my mother, she tied me up and covered me. A woman from the neighborhood saw this and she followed us. The woman took me to the place of sacrifice. Then the neighbor immediately arrived. He grabbed me and saved me."This is the story of Namulondo Balabwa, 32, a resident of the Buwenge-Jinja District, which we met in Uganda in 2015 during the report.

His terrible testimony speaks volumes about the trials and threats facing albino in Uganda. In this country, many are killed or chopped up. And some parts of their body were even offered to magicians who made English … called magic.

A dramatic situation that does not only exist in Uganda. In May, Ramata Diarra, a five-year-old albino girl, was kidnapped, shaved and beheaded in Fana, Mali. Defenders of albinos then denounced a "ritual crime" a few weeks before Mali's presidential election.

> Reviewing our report: Mali: the murder of an albino girl in Fana

This is also what advanced on our set of artist Salif Keïta, himself albino, he struggled to defend their cause. On November 17, he released the album "Another White" which paid homage to Ramata Diarra.

Salif Keïta also participated on November 15 in the first international forum for the adoption of a regional plan for albino in Mali. To change behavior.


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