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Benchamach looking for royal intervention


The Secretary General of the Party of Authenticity and modernity is in fear! Engine Tractors Party increasingly exhausted and depleted due to numerous internal and internal strife
And Hakim Benkamah warned that "the danger is always omnipresent," and that WFP since its inception, is proud to play the role of "bumper" to protect the royal institution from the consequences of the Islamist risk.
And today, on a Saturday afternoon tractor Head made this belief on the occasion of the presentation of the document "The Voice of the Renaissance." Recognizing that his party "is at the crossroads" and that he is in clear regression, while he was at the forefront of initiatives related to the expectations and the desire of citizens.
"The surrounding populism has also reached some parts of our party, and as a result we could not keep up as the opposition party" (…) – Benchamch said.
Just as the secretary of the party "Tractor" said some leaders PAMistes, which, if they were in command, have increased contacts and consultations with the Party of Justice and Development with a view to a possible alliance with the Islamists. Abnavivshysya this same principle of the party, without care for the militants to what will look like operation "maintenance" WFP, he fears.
"We made a few mistakes in ten years", – recognizes Benkamah. But before the next election, we must "cure our diseases" and to overcome the fact that we have a dysfunction.
Finally, the head of the runway seeking the intervention of King Mohammed VI to the sovereign "to put an end to what is happening in the political landscape." And that, given the "clear that the political parties have failed and that our failure to continue, because we could not put an end to the fiasco of the Moroccan policy that is suffering from dysfunctions and pathologies", Diagnostic Hakim Benchamah.
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