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Dengue: Health bated breath for the next 30 days


No new cases of dengue fever are not fixed from Tuesday, 26 March. The Ministry of Health, it is too early to say that the epidemic is over. The period of 30 days should be in front of certain measures will be deleted.

Recent cases of dengue recorded in the country dates back to Tuesday, March 26. "From February 26 to March 29, there were a total of 58 cases of dengue fever. It is good to point out that over the past two days, there were no cases of dengue. And to this day, we do not have any hospitalized patient. Those who have returned home, and very well, "said Dr. Vasantrao Guzhadhur.

The Ministry of Health does not guard down either. And in vain! According to a senior, it is too early to say that the epidemic is over. "It's like a smoldering fire that could resume at any time. Why is it necessary that no new cases are not registered for at least 30 days so that we can take some action on the ground, such as fumigation or spraying larvicide. But then again, the region will remain under observation, "says our source.

On the ground, especially in the valley of the Priests, where the largest number of cases was identified, the ministry continues to Surveys Fever. Exercise in the door-to-door in search of people with symptoms of dengue fever. This case is also home to the house of checks, which seek to ensure that all courses are in good condition, if there is no water accumulation on rooftops, and if the land pairs can contribute to the spread of mosquitoes cleaned, among others. In addition to fumigation exercise across the country. "The problem with this mosquito that if an infected female lays, the virus is transmitted in the bud, and the virus can be transmitted through generations. In addition, infected eggs can be in a dry place for several months. A drop of water is enough to hatch. It's no surprise that this summer, we are faced with the same problem, "said our interlocutor.

The upper part of the Ministry of Health, however, wants to reassure. "If it is theoretically possible, we have had cases in the past, when the situation does not happen again, as in the Tirol in 2014 in Valle Pitot in 2009, or close to Mars in 2015, because the steps that we are doing, as well as a strategy to according to the World health organization recommendations, with & # 39 are effective, "he said.

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