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Margaret Hamilton, who helped the men to walk on the moon


Today, the fiftieth anniversary of the first steps on the moon. July 21, 1969, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins were standing in front of millions of TV viewers. What is less known, is that the built-in software, which allowed the Apollo 11 mission to the moon to come, was created by a woman, Margaret Hamilton.

brilliant mathematician

In 1960, after the discovery of a passion for equations and other derivatives in research in the field of mathematics, Margaret became a member of the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

One of the roles of the Institute is to develop a computer & # 39; computer prediction programs out & # 39; I, and it is in the service of Margaret starts his car & # 39; career. But very quickly, her skills are pushing it to the military program and make a much more complex and delicate program. It was there, in 1963, it will be seen and will stay that will remain one of the most important missions of history: the Apollo. Margaret Hamilton is now based on MIT, but … NASA. In addition, she was the first woman, a single mother who has become a programmer project "Apollo".

While the United States and Russia have entered into an unprecedented space race: it was necessary, at any cost, to be the first step on the stars of heaven. And in this little game in the United States was a mystery: Margaret!

All night it will be carried out in his laboratory, even even a daughter Lauren, and then 4 years. Several times it has been criticized for the fact that the daughter was taken to the office and slept on the floor.

In America in the 60s, where few women work (especially in the areas of science), its independence and the way her daughter education wrong: "People say to me, how can you leave your daughter, how can you do it?" she explains in an American magazine Wired.

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Thanks to his daughter's mission was saved

July 20, 1969, when the mission was preparing to leave, the shuttle sounded alarms. navigation computer, but the computer & # 39; control yuter. Orders between two contradictory computers, the machine loses the ball … But this was without taking into account intelligence Margaret Hamilton and her team, who were waiting for the problem. They have developed an additional operating system for mainframe to determine the order of priorities.

After a few minutes, which usually recover, computers typically reduced mission, the alarm signals are going out … and the rest of the story we know it.

How could they expect such a problem? Years later, Margaret explained that due to the daughter she thought about it. Working in his laboratory, Lauren played with landing simulator, suddenly on the screen with the & # 39 there was an error message: "P01" and crash simulation. This event signals the brain Margaret Hamilton: "I thought that if the astronauts do the same thing?" The next day, she explains this error in their leaders, who believe that the astronauts will not make the same mistake … Margaret still decides to fix the code to perform this famous priority tasks.

After the return of the mission on the ground, men and scientists were awarded medytavany … But not Margaret.

Only in 2016 US President Barack Obama awarded him the President's Medal. This is the highest distinction for civilians.

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