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Microcredit: the threshold of appreciation will now increase to 150,000 dirhams

by Ismail Benbaba the 05/11/2018 at 22h41


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Kiosque360. The government recently approved a law that increased the micro credit threshold to 150,000 dirhams.

This is good news for most Moroccan households. Indeed, the threshold for providing microcredit will increase. So, announcement Today is Morocco who are interested in the subject of today's delivery, this threshold, which is currently 50,000 dirhams, must increase to 150,000 dirhams. In this case what gives the bill No. 85-18 amend Law No. 18.97 on micro credit and was approved at the government council last Thursday.

The newspaper said that the text confirmed that the amount given could not exceed the 150,000 dirham threshold, adding that the purpose of this law was to increase very little business access to finance and to meet their expectations for growth and sustainability. Today is Morocco He also added that the text aims to promote professionalism in the microcredit sector, strengthen integration into the financial landscape and support income-generating activities, to offer harmonious development to the sector.

This is a real reform of the sector related to this bill which, after being adopted, will offer a new dynamic of microfinance in Morocco. It should be noted that of the 900,000 clients in the micro credit sector in 2016, 45% were women, when the average loan provided by the micro credit association was around 7,000 dirhams. It goes without saying that microcredit plays a very important social role.

By Ismail Benbaba

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