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Mobile advertising packages SFR, Sosh, Free, Bouygues, Auchan, Cdiscount and Prixtel


Why pay full price for a mobile plan, if it can be sold? Below you will find the best offers at the moment.

B & You It offers 4 optional packages with rates valid until July 24, 2019 :

  • It suggested for 4,99 € per month no-obligation package B & You 2 hours 5 GB It offers 5GB of data used in Europe and the DOM, with 2 hours of unlimited calls and SMS.

  • Offered at € 9.99 per month no-obligation package B & You 40GB It offers 40 GB of data, including 4 GB, used in Europe and the DOM, with unlimited calls and SMS / MMS.
  • It suggested for € 14,99 per month no-obligation package B & You 60GB It offers 60 GB of mobile data, including the 6 GB, used in Europe and the DOM, with the calls and SMS / MMS unlimited.
  • Also available for 16,99 € per monthpackage B & You 80GB It offers 80 GB of data, including roaming 8GB (Europe and the DOM), with unlimited calls and SMS / MMS.

These prices will remain even after 12 months.

B & You July

Bouygues It offers to participate in the promotion of sensation package (From GB package 50) until August 18 with € 15 return per month for one year. or & # 39 package is connected or not to purchase a smartphone.

feeling pack-Bouygues

Finally, to be complete, as until July 14You will be able to buy at lower prices all available smartphones (OnePlus 7 Pro, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, ..) via: discount If you subscribe to Sensation package, which you can save as a bonus restoring 100 € from your old smartphone.

List of all the promotional offers you can find on the Bouygues website at this special page.

Sosh offers a very interesting offer on two of its mobile plans – packages with 20 GB and 50 GB mobile data. These two actions are valid until 29 July 9 am and concern, on the one hand, the flat rate of $ 24.99 per month for the proposed operator It is only € 14,99 per month without obligation for 12 months (a pack of 50 GB of data), but also the package to 19,99 € per month, which runs for 1 year is only 9,99 € per month (Package 20 GB), all without charge.

SOSH July-20-50-Go-promotion

As a reminder, these packages include:

free mobile offers its Special Series package in 8,99 € per month with 50 GB of data, including roaming 4GB.

Recall that the price of 8,99 € / month is valid for one year after the latest automatically switches to the classic package of 19.99 euros per month (100 GB / 25 GB of data). A special (optional) for a series of new subscribers. It includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS (mainland France and DOM), 60 GB of mobile Internet 4G in France, as well as 4 GB per month 3G from Europe and the DOM.

free mobile 8.99

At the Internet level, free mobile always offers a lot of offers from different formulas valid until July 16 It comes from 9,99 € for Crystal Freebox (Within 12 months 24,99 €), 14,99 € for the Freebox Mini 4K (Within 12 months 34,99 €), 19,99 € for the revolution (Within 12 months 44,99 €), 49,99 € for Freebox delta.

nonbinding offers 4 packages, including the first 2 true until July 23, and the third by 29 July.

These prices will remain even after 12 months.

red, the SFR-5 GB-5? -June

SFR also offers mobile packages of shares to holders of SFR Internet window, which is very attractive discounts apply:

Finally, the SFR offers promotion DUO proposal fibers associated with a mobile package of proposals (described above). Thus, you can buy even cheaper following proposals:

At the level of virtual operators this week are three suggestions:

By July 22. Auchan Telecom It offers a mobile plan that is not from the & # 39 is a must 30 GB of mobile data only € 2.99 per month 6 months instead of 12 € per month.

Auchan RU-30 July

Thus, this package offers 30 GB of data, but also unlimited calls, unlimited SMS and MMS in France and mainland France from Europe and overseas territories, as well as 4G-envelope data in France (reduction of capacity in Dela) and 3 GB roaming (Europe and the DOM in 3G +). SIM-card costs 10 euros, but Visual Voicemail option is free.

virtual mobile operator Bouygues Telecom is using the network, SFR and Orange, depending on your region.

Prixtel with & # 39 is a French virtual mobile operator that uses the mobile network SFR and Orange offers adjustable packageMonthly price will really depend on mobile data consumption in accordance with the 3 levels.

does offer until July 30 his mobile package "Special Series" promotion from 6.99 euros per month for 1 year.


This package also includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France to landlines and mobile phones, as well as calls from Europe and foreign territories to France, as well as unlimited calls and SMS from France to Europe, DOM, and North America (only for level 100 GB). You'll find all the details below:

Prixtel-tier transaction price July

eventually Cdiscount Mobile It offers the highest 40 GB package only without obligation € 4,99 per month, instead of € 15 per month.

Cdiscount-mobile-40GB July

it's speed 4,99 € / month currently 6 months, This offer is available for new customers from 10 am today until July 25, 2019, With the SIM-card will be charged 10 €.

Recall, Cdiscount Mobile – is a service operator NRJ Mobile, which itself uses the mobile network of the three major operators Bouygues Telecom, Orange and SFR, depending on where you live.

This package includes:

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