SURVEY – Adoption GMT + 1: 75% of Moroccans do not find "convincing" arguments put forward by the government of El Othmani


This is what little people think, not the rulers. A survey by Moroccan company "Claire Vision Consulting" revealed that 75% of respondents did not find convincing arguments put forward by the government regarding the adoption of a new schedule (GMT + 1) which they considered unattractive.

The survey results, presented by Hespress, also showed that 89% of Moroccans opposed adoption by the government + 1ST new GMT while only 7% expressed satisfaction with this measure. when 4% do not express an opinion.

The survey also revealed that 42% of respondents believe that the new schedule is likely to cause serious health problems for residents, especially children.

+ Fear for children's balance … and people's safety +

According to the survey, 95% of those surveyed also considered that the adoption of GMT + 1 during winter could have a negative effect on the balance of children and could contribute to increased theft and attacks. in the sense that citizens must go before sunrise to go to work and return home only after bedtime.

So, 77% of those surveyed believe that the only solution is to return to the usual schedule in Morocco and permanently leave summer time (GMT + 1).

In addition, 16% of people think that further reflection on the choice of summer time is needed to ensure its effectiveness.

A survey conducted by Claire Vision Consulting was conducted with a sample of 845 people representing different socio-economic groups, of which 52% were women with a margin of error of 3.5%.


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