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Wall Street requires a & # 39; waking Google changes after the loss of income


Wall Street requires a & # 39; waking Google changes after the loss of income

Wall Street punished Google Tuesday for refusing to their leaders to provide detailed information on changes in its advertising platform in the first quarter results, following a rare loss of income in connection with the clearance YouTube content.

Eight brokerages cut their price targets for the platform owner, alphabet Inc., following the publication of its results on Monday, helping to reduce by 8%, or about $ 70 billion, one of the titles most popular New York market.

Many of the comments directed at Google freedom, like other media companies, including in the social Facebook Inc., to remove the false and harmful content of their platforms, as well as increased costs in this operation.

During a conference call with analysts on Monday, the company management has raised hundreds of product changes every quarter, but declined to give examples of changes, leaving analysts to be ignorant of the fact that the company could hide -be trend is likely to further undermine future growth. .

"The fact that we are not some changes in the Googl actions during the quarter, which led to a slowdown, and this is what the street has to understand," said analysts of Morgan Stanley.

Alphabet, which gets most of its revenue from its advertising, said that its quarterly profit rose 17% to 36.3 billion, but it still had about $ 1 billion less than the average rating of Wall Street, according to IBES Refinitiv.

"We believe the lack of specificity of the product changes as a new surplus, investors are more concerned about the impact of competition, regulation and advanced technologies," said analysts at Baird firm.

Advertisers on YouTube, Google has bought more than ten years and is now earning a lot, put pressure on the company to ensure that their on & # 39; not waking from & # 39 are sponsoring an adult or offensive material.

In order to cope with an increase in this type of content, the alphabet added thousands of proofreaders and developed automated software to remove more quickly the issues publications. YouTube also amended to reduce the number of recommendations to reduce the number of recommendations to violate the content destinations or lead to harmful information.

"We believe that the change of the algorithm is based on the 4 th quarter of 2018 after the removal of 2.4 million and 8.8 million channels of video," said analyst JPMorgan.

A consensus was also that the loss on Tuesday is now a snap. With 43 brokerage firms that cover the activities to only two have a "hold" rating and all other "buy" rating or higher.

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