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Albert Verlinde & # 39; Boulevard Albert already there & # 39; | NOW


Albert Verlinde gifts 6 Inside except that he RTL Boulevard He presented. "People should not wait there. Times have changed. "

Since the beginning of January is Verlinde, in solid partnership with Jan Versteegh and other partners are changing theater program of show business 6 Inside on SBS6. Verlinde's role is similar to its position in the RTL BoulevardWhat he has presented fifteen years. But, as he plays the role of show-expert, is changing in accordance with it.

"I saw it all, I run the business and changed as a person. Weight has always been ┬╗Verlinde says in the podcast version In the car.

"I also said at the beginning against John (De Mol, ed.):" If you every night will have a false, cross Albert, that this does not happen, I will not order you get Albert to 57 .. what is now. or not Albert twenty years ago boulevard It started. It's gone. "

ratings 6 Inside still not very prosperous, but Verlinde denies that this was different from the "false Albert. "That is apart. People are not waiting for more on this story, times have changed. "

"I hit Rob returned to his basket"

Verlinde finds that his colleagues 6 Inside that he can get more out of your comfort zone, "This will make it more exciting."

"Rob (Goossens, a media journalist, Ed.) Once tried to put my dick, but I hit it back into the basket," says Verlinde joke.

"They all heard me. I must go there, perhaps to say something. I hope that this will soon change. They should not think that St. Joseph's table, but said that if they do not agree with something. "

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